A Cat Wizard Takes on a Gaggle of Ghosts in Google's New Banner!

October 31, 2016

Hey Gang!

 Just wanted to stop by and tell you guys about this amazing game that google created for the weekend. You can play it straight from Googles Homepage, and this should show you how amazing it is because I don't blog on the weekends. But I just had to tell you about this game!!

 You play as a cat wizard, in a school full of different animal wizards.Your character has a blue book stolen by an evil ghost and you continue through 5 levels of defeating different types of ghosts by drawing the symbol that they carry above them. As you go through the levels, the symbols get more and more difficult, until it becomes almost like a line of code.

If you draw a heart while the ghost is on the screen, you are able to replenish. As soon as Alex showed it to me, I fell in love, and squealed accordingly. I'm pretty sure I squealed through the entire first level, which I'm sure my parents can attest to.

 I made it all the way through level 4 the first time around before I died, and on my 2nd play through I defeated it. I don't wanna give any spoilers because the game itself is absolutely a joy and you definitely want to experience it for yourself, I did take a few snapshots though.

 Seriously though between the Beethoven game they put out last year and this? I'm not sure that it could be done. The cat is the cutest thing I've ever seen. The method of game play is super simple, and definitely a game you can take with you and play through on your day. It reminded me of Dance Dance Revolutions, which I hadn't played in years, so of course, this game just completely made my weekend. Plus the art reminded me of Picolo, which was also pretty great.

What's your High Score? What is your favorite Google Doodle? Lets talk about it on Twitter!

Happy Halloween! 

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~

Ghostly Haunts With The Pic Witch!

October 28, 2016

Hey Gang!

 Greetings gals & ghouls! I'm Celeste, the lady behind The Pic Witch. I blog about cosplay, photography, and the spooky nerd life. I'm also an officer for the Atlanta chapter of Geek Girl Brunch and run another blog, Sword of Nerdom that focuses on tabletop RPG's. It probably comes as no great surprise that Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and happens to be during my favorite season. As soon as the bats and skull decor hit the retail stores it feels like home.

 One of my seasonal traditions is to shop for bewitching decorations to fill my apartment year round. The sight of pumpkins and candelabras brings me joy year round. So far this year's haul includes kooky bottles with labels like "Spider Venom", a string of glittery bats and lots of candles. The day after Halloween is the best day to his the stores. Everything (including candy) immediately drops down to at least 50% off. I already have my eye on a few pieces I hope will still be there when the prices drop.

 Halloween isn't really complete without pumpkin carving, pumpkin bread and getting at least one pumpkin spice latte. As for Halloween night itself, I usually keep it fairly low key. In the past my partner and I have stayed in and enjoyed sipping Chai tea and watched several seasonal flicks. A few of my favorites includes Hocus Pocus, The Addams Family, Beetlejuice and Kiki's Delivery Service (it's about a witch so it basically counts). I don't deal with horror movies well so those are avoided.

Most people wear costumes for Halloween, but I usually don't. I blame it on the fact that Halloween contes not too long after Dragon Con, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and NYCC and I'm too customed out to dress up. Instead I try to dress in my witchiest outfit and wear my bright orange lipstick in spirit of the day. I also like to dress up my two chihuahuas in silly costumes.

What are some of your favorite things to do for Halloween? I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about my Halloween traditions. If you liked what you read come say hi at The Pic Witch and visit my social media: Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Spokhette Goes Outside: Kentucky Wool Fest

October 26, 2016

Hey Gang!

 A couple of weeks ago, Alex and I made the trip up to Falmouth for the annual Kentucky Wool Fest. I tried to go last year, but I never got the time, so I wanted to make sure that I definitely made it this year. We went on Sunday, which was its last day and the festival was in full swing. For an event called the Wool Fest, although there were plenty of sheep related activities, and actual petting zoo's, there was very little in the department of wool and yarn.
 We went to the entire festival grounds, and only found yarn in the very last tent. Albeit full of the stuff, and semi-nice people, I was just expecting a little more yarn. There were so many different things. Blacksmiths, Wood Workers, and there was so much food! Alex and I shared a GINORMOUS turkey leg, it was big enough for both of us to share, and we weren't hungry until dinner time! I really wish I had thought to take a photos of it, so I could show you how big it was!
 There was a woman making wreaths and she had this little stand full of decorative Halloween Halos. Ghosts, Leaves, Pumpkins, wrapped around thin round objects, with ribbons and they were the cutest things I'd ever seen. So of course, I had to have one, and they were only a dollar. There weren't any others wearing them over the age of 12, but I got a lot of compliments, so I didn't mind.
 There was a small graveyard right next to where they were parking all of the cars in the festival. The graveyard was so tiny, there were maybe 40 plots all together. A lot of them were so old, that there weren't any markings on them. There were some older ones there so it seemed to be a mix of old and new, and I thought that was pretty neat.
 I scored quite a few hanks of yarn, in some unique colors, so I can't wait to get some knitting done, especially since the winter and cold weather is coming my way pretty soon. So I can't wait to get some scarves, hats and gloves working. I haven't knitted in so long, so I definitely miss it. I also got an adorable teal parasol, which you can see in the photos, and also in my brand new blog banner.

Have you been to any festivals lately? Tell me about some of your favorite spots on twitter!

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~

Ghostly Haunts with Layla Wrote!

October 24, 2016

Hey everyone, happy haunting season! Let me introduce myself briefly before I get into the fun stuff. My name is Layla and I run a blog fittingly titled Layla Wrote. A lifelong nerd and fantasy enthusiast, my posts there range from reviews and fandom news to more personal experiences in my life and a whole lot of lists. When Gabriella contacted me about being a part of this little project I knew I needed to take part because well, I love Halloween!

It’s a time for vampires, for witches and ghosts. Considering these are all favorites of mine year round it would be no surprise that I anticipate the holiday. Who doesn’t appreciate an excuse to play dress up or just get spooky? As a relatively young adult I don’t think I’ve quite settled into my Halloween traditions yet – my current living situation doesn’t allow me to go all out as I would like, but I sure am working on it! Always vital to any holiday celebration is some themed viewing, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite Halloween films that I’ll be watching this year. Maybe you already love them yourself, or maybe they’ll be new additions to your own binge! If you’re anything like me, this generally happens on the couch in full costume, sneaking candy from the bowl meant for any trick or treaters at the door.

The Addams Family – This is a must for me, every year. It’s the perfect balance of spooky, funny and campy all in one film. Morticia is one of my favorite characters and I just have so much fondness for the film and all its quirks.

Crimson Peak – This is the newest film on my list but it somehow already feels like a classic – likely intentional in the storytelling. I love a good gothic romance and this certainly delivers. It’s less scary, more unsettling and delightfully bloody to those who enjoy a spot of gore. It’s Guillermo del Toro plus the arguable love of my life Jessica Chastain so it was destiny really. Also starring some actor named Tom Hiddleston you may have heard a bit about.

Nightmare on Elm Street – Growing up I was hnestly never big on the horror genre because it didn’t get to me the way it did some of my friends. This was one of the few films I watched and actually found myself getting a little scared. Freddy Krueger is such a great villain and I definitely don’t want him showing up in my dreams.

Interview with the Vampire – It's worth noting that Lestat is one of my top vampires of all time. As someone who's been fascinated by the blood drinking creatures in fiction for as long as I can remember, this is a big deal. Not only is the Anne Rice adaptation dark and entertaining, but it's memorable like no other take on the vampire genre (save perhaps that of Joss Whedon in Sunnydale). 

Shadow of a Doubt – This one may not seem like so much of an obvious choice, but it’s a favorite of mine even outside of Halloween so I wanted to include it. This film is the classic tale of well, creepy uncles and murder. No one knows suspense like Hitchcock and the leads Theresa Wright and Joseph Cotton seal the deal.

Psycho – I couldn’t mention Hitchcock without including this, right? This film is iconic for a reason, or rather many reasons. It’s another must for me each year because it doesn’t get much more exciting than awaiting that infamous shower scene. After how amazing prequel series Bates Motel has been (sadly reaching its series end next season) it seems even more fitting to give the film another watch.

As a bonus, I want to share what’s become a newer habit for me each Halloween and that is the addition of some television viewing! Specifically, watching the Halloween themed episodes for some of my favorite shows. It’s great fun for when you’re decorating or anything else that keeps you from sitting for a full movie. A few of the shows that have especially fun episodes to watch are Bob’s Burgers, Parks and Recreation and of course, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For the more anyone wanting a more serious level of scares, a binge of American Horror Story, The Strain or Penny Dreadful could do the trick.

So that’s it for me and my Halloween traditions! It’s a delight getting to share this with you all here in Nerdette At Large - how does my viewing compare to yours? Feel free to share your thoughts here or you can find me on most social media @laylawrote!

Ghostly Haunts with Lace and Whimsy!

October 21, 2016

Hello! I'm Kathy from Lace and Whimsy. I blog about creativity and my personal style, while also freelancing illustration and making stickers! Gabriella gave me the opportunity to share some of my Halloween traditions with you, so here I am!

 As a kid, we'd always carve pumpkins and go trick-or-treating, but that's about it. As an adult, ever year I deal with the struggle of wanting to dress up, but not really wanting to leave my house. The bar scene on Halloween makes me anxious and I don't know anyone who throws Halloween parties, so some years I don't dress up at all.

The cool part about blogging is that I have the perfect excuse to dress up for no reason other than to take pictures for a blog post, which is probably what I'll end up doing this year. I really like coming up with costumes based on clothing and props I already own. Last year I dressed up as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction!

 On Halloween night, my husband and I like to dress our dogs in costumes and walk around our neighborhood to see the local kids in their costumes out trick or treating. Then we usually retreat back to our apartment to watch scary movies. We tend to watch a lot of scary movies all through October. I love classics like the Shining and Silence of the Lambs.

My Favorite part of Halloween? Candy is on sale the next day!

Why I'm Proud to be a Slytherin

October 19, 2016

Hey Gang!

  When I was younger, Harry Potter was like a religion. It was something I had in common with my cousin Brianna, now the blogger of The Wandering Rose. I had every book in Hardcover. The book premieres were a privelige, in line every time waiting to read Harry's Newest Adventure. I can remember having a beanbag chair in the middle of my bedroom where I would sit with cousins and sister and read them chapters in the best character voices I could muster. They weren't very good mind you, but we were young at the time we didn't really care much. There had never been a story that captured me so completely, or had made me want to read out loud before.
  I'm a sympathetic feeler, so whatever the characters felt, I felt it too. One of the main reasons I don't watch or read anything sad if I can help it. My parents would come check on we, when I was supposed to be sleeping, and instead I'm in the same spot I was when I got home with the new book, sitting on the floor. Leaned up against my bed and trying to fit in a few more pages before I passed out. Harry Potter was the only book series that got a pass. They'd open the door, see it was Harry and then Close it again, any other book, they'd shake their heads and tell me to go to bed.
 Before Pottermore, and before I hit college I always identified with Gryffindor, because who didn'
t? All three heroes belonged to Gryffindor, the hourse of courage, bravery and valor. All the merchandise you could get was for Gryffindor, that was the house everyone wanted to be in. Once I got older, college age, I took a random online quiz and it told me I was a Ravenclaw, which made me feel good. I was semi-responsible (Hey, it was college *shrug*), intelligent and very caring.
 But now, I'm an "adult", and my boss wanted to know what house I was in. I took the Pottermore test, found out I'm slytherin. I'm proud to be a slytherin. Cynical, cunning, brilliant, clever, resourceful, and ambitious. They don't seem like flaws to me. It's not about what you've got, but what you do with it. Sure, the worse villain ever was a member of the house, but wasn't strong enough to turn his misfortune into fuel to do something better.
 Plus, Merlin, the greatest wizard of all time was sorted into Slytherin. Everything he learned he learned from there. All wizards that want to make something of themselves, attempt to do things that will gain them the Order of Merlin, whose ribbon is green to compliment his house! I don't know about you guys, but Merlin was one of my favorite characters, even before Harry Potter, so the fact that he was once in my house, really resonates with me.

 What House are you in? Are you proud? If we share houses, let me know on twitter! Lets Chat!

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~

Ghostly Haunts with Adventures of A Misfit Librarian

October 17, 2016

For those of you that don't know me, I am the bad librarian behind Adventures of a Misfit Librarian. I am a thirty-something librarian from New York who loves books, zombies, photography, fashion, traveling, causing chaos and dyeing my hair odd colors. My blog, Adventures of a Misfit Librarian is about my adventures inside and outside of the library and I hope you stop by to enjoy the randomness that is my life.
Now that we've been introduced lets get to the good stuff, Halloween.
Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday. I mean, c'mon! There are costumes and candy and spooky stuff. Three things that I absolutely adore, especially the spooky stuff. Like you can call me Mulder because I love love love television shows about that paranormal, I love witches and ghosts and haunted locations, as well as horror movies, etc. So when October rolls around it's like a month long celebration of all of the things I love.

 These are some of my favorite Halloween movies & paranormal television shows

And then there are costumes. I love dressing up, which unless your able to go to a bunch of Cons (And I only ever get to go to New York Comic Con) is typically frowned upon. So I try to go all out for Halloween when I can or at least I try to.
As of the past several years my friends and I have really been into doing group costumes (i.e. - The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, Disney villains and so on). And this year is no different, we will all be dressing up as comic book villains (With a slight focus on DC Comics) to go out the Saturday night before Halloween.

I'm planning on, and still trying to get my shit together, to be lady Two-Face. Specifically Two-Face from Batman the Animated Series (1992-1995) because I don't dig Tommy Lee's from Batman Forever (1995) and I don't feel like applying tons of liquid latex to my face to try and be Aaron Eckhart's Two-Face from The Dark Knight (2008). We'll just have to wait and see what happens with that...
In terms of actual Halloween and a costume, I will be at work because it falls on a Monday this year but thankfully I am a children's librarian and am able to go to work in costume. So my friend/coworker Nicole and I are going to come in dressed like Daria and Jane from MTV's Daria (1997-2001). And I'm not going to lie, I'm super excited for it.
So yeah, that's about it. I would like to thank Gabriella for asking me to be a part of this Halloween feature! I hope you all enjoyed learning a little about me and my love of Halloween. And if you did, I'd love for you to stop by my blogInstagramTwitter, whatever and say hi!

Ghostly Haunts With Tape Parade!

October 14, 2016

Hi everyone! My name is Laila, and I write my own blog over at www.tapeparade.com where I document my life as a musician in London. Gabriella kindly asked if I’d like to share some of my Halloween traditions with you!

I actually find that Halloween is one of the holiday’s that has changed the most as I get older. As a kid I was obsessed with creating a really original costume and getting the most sweets whilst out trick-or-treating. During my teenage years I was more likely to spend Halloween with friends camped out in a graveyard or trying to score some alcohol from whatever corner shop looked most oblivious. These days I think Halloween has morphed into a series of house parties and nights out at terrible “themed” pub events. The UK is a lot more invested in Halloween these days then when I was a kid - most shops will have a Halloween section and there’s definitely a surge of Halloween blog posts around this time of year.

As an adult I have a few new traditions. I live in London, and we have a lot of great cinemas, so it’s never been hard to find a horror screening around Halloween. Highlights have included ‘The Shining’ on the biggest screen at The BFI, and ‘Psycho’ in a tiny backdoor cinema last year. I also have a renewed interest in visiting haunted locations - last year I visited a haunted pub with my friends. London is such an old city that there are tons of historical and supposedly haunted locations to visit if you’re so inclined! I’m always on the look-out for new Halloween ideas as well - such as Halloween afternoon tea, something I tried for the first time last year and really enjoyed.

As far as older traditions go, there’s a few things I do each year. I like to delve into the world of the novelty song when Halloween rolls around - The Monster Mash and so on - and I also enjoy listening to “spooky” podcasts. I do this all year round - I love unexplained mysteries and eerie phenomena - but it feels a little more fitting this time of year! Whilst I’m obviously too old to trick-or-treat these days, I’m still a big fan of dressing up, so if there’s a Halloween party and option to throw a costume on then I’m all over it. I’m not sure that’s one tradition I’ll outgrow anytime soon!

Re-visiting Childhood: The Bunnicula Series

October 13, 2016

Hey Gang!

 Got a little jaunt down memory lane for you today. In perfect keeping with the style of my blog and the fact that the story itself works perfectly with Halloween, I figured it would be fun to tell you guys all about one of my favorite Children's Books. Not sure if I've shared this before, but before I graduated from College,  when I had a lot more time on my hands, I was a voracious Reader.
I always had piles and piles of books whenever I left the library. The local library near my parents house, has librarians that still remember my wagon. I was 5, when I signed the back of my library card, I spelled my last name wrong, switching the locations of the I and the A.
 Of all the books and series that I read, one I thoroughly continue to enjoy and would pass on to any future children, would be the Bunnicula Series, By Deborah and James Howe. The Monroe's have two pets, Chester, a cat who reads and has enough sarcasm to go toe to toe with Veronica Mars, and Harold, a friendly dog who likes to eat, has the job of being the eyes that the story is read through. The sons find an adorable bunny rabbit after seeing Dracula in the theater. An all white bunny with a triangular piece of black fur, which looks particularly like a cape. They bring home the bunny, name it Bunnicula, and the story pretty much writes itself. Chester believes he is a vampire, that steals the blood (juice) from vegetables, which turns them a ghastly white color, and if they aren't staked with toothpicks, then they come back to life, to terrorize the neighborhood.
 I first discovered the series on cassette, and I was listening to it constantly, Staying up late, clutching the covers whenever the music turned a little scary, or when a character popped up and scared Harold. Which even though he is the protagonist, happened pretty often. It was difficult for me to find the entire series when I was going to the library, so I never finished the series. One day on a whim, I decided to stop in to Half Price Books (This is not sponsored by the way) lo and behold there they were, five of the seven. I already owned Bunnicula, a rabbit tale of mystery, and was able to order the missing book through HPB, and they shipped it right to my house!! I wish the clerk would have told me that Return to Howliday Inn was a hardback, but other than that no qualms. I get to share one of my favorite book series with you and Alex, and I have a keepsake, that I can perhaps pass down to my *future* children. (Books and Cats don't mix people.)

 Have you read Bunnicula? Do you have any childhood favorites to share? Chat on Twitter with me.

   Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~

Ghostly Haunts with Hella Gwen.

October 12, 2016

Hello, My name is Gwen. I am a late 20- something living in the San Francisco Bay Area. by Day, I am either in school studying Fashion Design, or am at work ankle deep in clothes. By night I am either binge watching Netflix, or curling up with my cat and a good book.
  I have dreams of starting a geek fashion clothing line that encourages inclusion of all shapes, sizes, nationalities, genders, disabilities and more. My blog, "Hella Gwen*!" is a place to document my journey to that goal as well as my hobbies. I fangirl over two major things: MTV;s Teen Wolf and Harry Potter anything. I am a firm believer in living your life as the best wizard in disguise as you can. Don't let the muggles get you down. You can follow my blogTwitter Instagram
  Halloween is my favorite holiday. Hands down. I could actually do without Christmas if I was given a chance to celebrate Halloween twice a year.
As an adult, it's a lot harder to find fun social things to do on Halloween that isn't going out to a party, hosting a party or sleeping it off like it's just another day of the year. In the past, post surpassing the "right age" to stop Trick or Treating, I would just stay home and binge watch my favorite horror films. In the more recent years when I started cosplaying and learning how to make my own costumes, I try to make it down to Disneyland for their Halloween party. Now, luckily for me I am already in the area. Los Angeles is home to my favorite convention Comikaze Expo (now called Stan Lee's Comic Con) which is held Halloween weekend and it's not too much trouble for me to make the extra hour-ish drive to Anaheim to spend actual Halloween day there.
Two years ago, my friend and I dressed up as Steamboat Willie Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We covered ourselves in grey scale makeup and wore black, white and grey outfits resembling those from the cartoon and had a blast with our friends in the park.
This year, if we end up going, I will be wearing an outfit I am making to wear to the actual convention so I wont have to think about it too much. But either way, spending my favorite holiday in the happiest place on earth is no doubt one of the best ways for me to celebrate it!
It got me thinking though, there might be people out there who are stuck at what costumes they could wear for Halloween this year. Some of you might be making the trip to Disneyland next month to celebrate or might be doing something where you live and have no idea what you could be. Being someone who tries to advocate for DIYing, I have rounded up a few commercial sewing patterns for relatively easy costumes that you could make this year to wear out and do whatever you plan to do this Halloween season!

The costumes you wear to the park don't have to be Disney related and no one is going to chastise you if you don't. So for this post, I am going to do a mix of both Disney and non-Disney costumes!

DC Bombshells
The DC Bombshell figures and comics have been a real hit in the comic book world. Simplicity totally tapped the market by bringing a few patterns for some of the Bombshell characters. My two favorites are Wonder Woman and Supergirl. Both costumes appear to be relatively easy structural wise.

Alice In Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland is probably my second favorite Disney film so when I saw Simplicity launched two pattern packs featuring the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter and Alice herself I got really excited. Now, these are kind of their own personal spin on the characters and I think do qualify in the "sexy costume" category but they're not AS hypersexualized and could easily be modified to be..well...modest if you're needing it to be.

Star Trek
With the 50th anniversary just passed, everyone is riding high on the Star Trek: The Original Series excitement train. Surprising no one, Simplicity hopped on that train and released about five officially licensed Star Trek patterns including a pack for The Original Series and one featuring the skant from The Next Generation. I love them both and find these to be no doubt the easiest from the bunch to whip up in time for your party (or Disneyland if you're willing to boldly go!)

No doubt about it, fans of The Force Awakens fell in love with Rey immediately and the amount of people who cosplay as her is still on the rise. McCalls came through with a really easy Rey costume pattern that will help fulfill that void you might be having because your lack of faith in it existing was disturbing.

Now, I might not be a fan of PokemonGO but I cant deny that it's popularity is blazing its way through every inch of social media and beyond. Cosplayer Yaya Han who creates patterns for McCalls brought the world a pattern they didn't know they needed until now. It's a full PokemonGO trainer costume that will let you cosplay your trainer in-game. So get out there and catch them all already!

I know a lot of people out there aren't too handy with a sewing machine or might think commercial patterns are scary but let me be the first to tell you that it's really easy and fun once you get the hang of it. Even if you're not handy with a sewing machine, I feel like there are tons of options for you to make your own costumes and go out and party, collect free candy or spend a 2spoopy night at Disneyland like me!

Whatever it is you decide to do this year, I just hope you have fun, stay safe and remember not to eat any unwrapped candy. Also, don't blow out your pumpkins candle(s) before Halloween is over, its bad luck!

Ghostly Haunts With The Geeky Burrow

October 10, 2016

Profile WidgetHappy October and Happy Halloween everyone!

My name is Alice and I’m full-time University student, part-time blogger and all-the-time geek girl. I currently have three main writing projects, I’m a Staff Reporter for Middle-earth News, a co-founder of the Travelling Geek Show blog, and I run The Geeky Burrow, my personal blog.

When Gabriella invited me to write this post, I couldn’t be happier, since October is probably my favorite month of the year, because of a couple of good reasons.

Fall. This is the best moment of the year for me, I love so much cloudy days and I love to drink a tasty cup of tea while reading a good book and listening to the rain outside. Or just having a good movie marathon of The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Even if I’m from sunny Italy, I just don’t like the sun, in fact I consider London my home away from home. No, I’m not a vampire!

My Birthday. I’m not a party lover and I don’t usually organize big things for my birthday, but it’s another reason to love this month for me. I was born only few days before Halloween, so I usually merge the two things to celebrate with friends!

Halloween. Many people don’t know it, but Halloween wasn’t originally celebrated here in Italy. I discovered the magic of this day thanks to my English teacher in elementary school, who made me become an anglophile, I’ll never thank her enough for that. She read us about Jack O’Lantern and made us create nice cards and decorations for the class. My girlfriends and I loved all this so much that decided to start going house-to-house for “Trick or Treat”, but most of the times people didn’t know what that meant or didn’t have any treats to give us (I collected an orange and fruit juice, once!). Now that’s more a commercial thing, everybody knows about Halloween and I still watch Hocus Pocus every year as a personal tradition of mine. That movie reminds me so many great moments of my childhood…! I finally upgraded to a DVD edition a couple of years ago, because I still had the old VHS recorded from my TV!

I’m so happy to celebrate this month/season/holiday with you all, thanks to Gabriella for letting me share, or better, geek out about my favorite time of the year! Feel free to let me know if you have any special memory about Halloween and October. :)

Series #25: Sweet Christmas, I finished Luke Cage *Spoilers*

October 7, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I have been so excited about Luke Cage since I did the video about the trailer. So when It came out Friday, I just knew that I had to watch it over the weekend. I wound up finishing it around 8 ish on Saturday. I took notes during the 13 episode binge, and Now I'm about to tell ya about it. Slight spoilers will be found ahead, so make sure you watch it before you keep reading ok?

  The Feel is old school black. Like Can you dig it? Shaft Old School Black. The dialogue washed over me like a summer's day spent in my grandmother's kitchen. Homage paid to the greats, both new and old. Talk of blacks for blacks, a sense of community. A battle of the old school versus new, this cat Cottonmouth wants to take over where Fisk Left off. He doesn't care who he has to bloody to do it. And Luke? He just wants to protect those who needs it.

  So, the girl he "picks up at the bar" is Misty Knight and she's schooling Homeboys on the court and in the field, but....Is she gonna have the arm though? Claire will single handedly heal all the hero's and Bobby Fish has been laying all the clues for Heros for Hire. I love the backstory of how luke met his wife, Shades and Comanche, I hate that so many people have taken advantage of Luke, that he can't trust anyone. Or even make friends because he'll be scared of them getting hurt, or used as leverage, like Poor Squabbles.
 All that hard work and lives lost to put Cottonmouth away, and he's out in like half an episode. How much evidence is truly needed. They could use the notebook with all those names alone, just to hold him in booking. Also, the episode that gave his backstory was great! They gave the original costume, along with the gauntlets and they even used his slogan "Sweet Christmas!" When Cornell used the rocket and he said "Sweet Sister:, that was pretty perfect.

 The backsories for Mariah and Cornell, are both so devastating. Mama Mabel is the perfect presentation of Nature V. Nurture. She Nurtures the evil that lies in both Cornell and Mariah. Mama Mabel fostering the deeds that created Cottonmouth. Just like in Jessica Jones, the view people have of rape is often miscewed. Especially when the view is aways on the realm of victim Blaming. You wanted it. It happened more than once. You must have enjoyed it. With no where to run and nowhere to be safe, and to have her own family abuse Mariah that way, and to hear victim blaming from her cousin. The only family that she has left? I totally understand her rage.

 Brother Willis turns into Diamondback, and set Luke up from Jumspstreet. He would never have gone to seagate if he hadn't been set up. I was a little disappointed in Bisty not being on Claire's side. Two Women of color that should on the same side fighting corruption, But yet and still they put them against each other.

When Diamondback shot Misty, I really thought they were going to give Misty the arm, because Luke, said she was losing too much blood, but now on the last episode her arm is in working order. Can't believe Shades actually still stayed in power. Mariah is still running free, and now Luke has to go back to Seagate. Even all the easter eggs couldn't change how disappointed I was with the ending.

  Are you serious? This is how you end the season?A black hero Finally, does all that good, has the evidence to clear his name, and now he has to go back to prison? That's how you end an amazing show like that? I want to be excited for season 2, but how will they rectify this serious oversight? How would you have liked them to finish the season? Tell me about it in the comments below or on Twitter.

   Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~

September Favorites

October 3, 2016

Hey Gang!
 I can't believe October is right around the corner. My favorite Holiday is right around the corner and I just can't wait. September was such a busy month! Here's a few things that I did this month.

- Discovering Supergirl on Netflix. The only have season one, and the first couple of episodes were dragging but now I'm about half way through and its definitely picked up in pace and story. Can we just talk about James for a minute? Because....Man...He can shoot me anytime. What was Lucy thinking giving him up? The way they introduce characters that haven't really been on television is pretty brilliant, especially bizarro? and Manhunter? I was so hype.

- Completely Gravity Falls. The Feels!!! I did a whole post about it, but my heart... I want more!!

- Falling in love with LumberJanes, Thinking about writing them for the next Fangirling Post. April is My Patronus. Definitely.

- Taking the Pottermore Sorting Quiz. I'm a proud slytherin. Can't believe I waited so long to take it.

- Keeping up with video content. 5 videos, this month!

- Doing my first D.I.Y. In FOREVER! Honestly, I think the last one was 2012.

- Completing a Novel this month. The Silver Codex by Emily Kirby, a guest blogger. Check her out.

- Falling in love with Hawaii Five-0. Kono is a goddess. I love the polar opposites that are Danny and Steve. Reminds me of Kirk and Spock, just not as nerdy.

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What are some of your favorite things done this month? Let's chat about it on Twitter!

   Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~


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