May 22, 2013

 In between the super ridiculously sporadic blog posts here on VSS I have been very Busy. So I thought I would Clue you guys in because you were probably thinking that I had died or something I hadn't been on in soo long. So Lets start from the beginning.

- I moved from the watchtowers to a smaller Batcave closer to my jobs.

- I'm now a server at Bdubs.

- I now own my car outright.

- I have dyed my hair with Honey Blonde highlights.

- I have become a complete comic book junkie. I got every Wednesday like clockwork.

- I have seen Stan Lee. Twice.

- I have Met Walter Koening *1960's Chekov*

- I have Met Arron Ashmore *Iceman*

- I have seen every episode Of Criminal Minds.

- I have seen the Great Gatsby in 3D on Opening night.

- I have decided on a 20's theme for my 22nd birthday Party.

- I have photographed my first Pin Up shoot.

- I have gotten my first autograph in 15 years.

- I have driven out of the state.

- I have driven home from Out of the state.

- I will be getting my ears gauged soon.

- I will be getting tattooed soon.

Thanks for reading!
Mistress Out,


Makeup Haul: Ulta in Michigan

May 17, 2013

So my Girlfriend and I decided to go to Michigan this weekend for a comic book convention. We live in Ohio, so why not, Google said it would only take four hours. Of course, Google lied. Not only did it take all FREAKING DAY! But The Gas stations were so few and far between that I was constantly concerned we were going to run out of gas before we got there. So I finally found one and then we waited in line for forever only to realize that it was a member's only Gas station. A members Only, WHO THE FREAK DOES THAT?! Only Costco that's who.
  Down the street from our incredibly gorgeous hotel is a little shopping mall which wouldn't you know it includes an ULTA! Kairi,  who doesn't really understand makeup decided to come in with me, and she left with 5 new items, and a rewards card. Yep, I'm that good. So here are the things I bought while I was there, and since I've had a card since Layla took me a year and a half ago. So it took an entire 15 dollards off my total! SCORE!

Keep an eye on my twitter for more updates! Now that the new watchtower has INTERNET! By tuesday there will be a youtube haul video. SO make sure you subscribe so you don't miss anything!
Thanks for reading guys!

Mistress Out:

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Comics Round Up #1

May 9, 2013

 I don't know how many people know this, But I LOVE comic books. The last Blog contributing job I had I was Comics Contributor for GGC. GOD I MISS THAT MAGAZINE! Black Girl Nerds is a pretty cool job, but they already have someone covering comic books. So My passion for writing about it is kind of cramping someone else's style.
 *insert awkward personal item here* So I've started dating someone new, and they are into comic books as much as I am. In fact, we have a standing date, every Wednesday before work so we can pick up our respective new issues. So I thought I would start documenting my Comic book collection before it gets to vast for me to go back and comment on them all.

- Catwoman New 52: 1- 19
- X-men Reprint #1
- Robin Year one: 1-4
-Huntress 6 Shot: 1-5
- X- Men #1 Marvel Now
- Batgirl New 52 1-3 and The Annual #1
- Little Gotham #1
- Huntress Reprint #1

Stay Tuned, for another one next week!


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