May 22, 2013

 In between the super ridiculously sporadic blog posts here on VSS I have been very Busy. So I thought I would Clue you guys in because you were probably thinking that I had died or something I hadn't been on in soo long. So Lets start from the beginning.

- I moved from the watchtowers to a smaller Batcave closer to my jobs.

- I'm now a server at Bdubs.

- I now own my car outright.

- I have dyed my hair with Honey Blonde highlights.

- I have become a complete comic book junkie. I got every Wednesday like clockwork.

- I have seen Stan Lee. Twice.

- I have Met Walter Koening *1960's Chekov*

- I have Met Arron Ashmore *Iceman*

- I have seen every episode Of Criminal Minds.

- I have seen the Great Gatsby in 3D on Opening night.

- I have decided on a 20's theme for my 22nd birthday Party.

- I have photographed my first Pin Up shoot.

- I have gotten my first autograph in 15 years.

- I have driven out of the state.

- I have driven home from Out of the state.

- I will be getting my ears gauged soon.

- I will be getting tattooed soon.

Thanks for reading!
Mistress Out,



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