Makeup Haul: Ulta in Michigan

May 17, 2013

So my Girlfriend and I decided to go to Michigan this weekend for a comic book convention. We live in Ohio, so why not, Google said it would only take four hours. Of course, Google lied. Not only did it take all FREAKING DAY! But The Gas stations were so few and far between that I was constantly concerned we were going to run out of gas before we got there. So I finally found one and then we waited in line for forever only to realize that it was a member's only Gas station. A members Only, WHO THE FREAK DOES THAT?! Only Costco that's who.
  Down the street from our incredibly gorgeous hotel is a little shopping mall which wouldn't you know it includes an ULTA! Kairi,  who doesn't really understand makeup decided to come in with me, and she left with 5 new items, and a rewards card. Yep, I'm that good. So here are the things I bought while I was there, and since I've had a card since Layla took me a year and a half ago. So it took an entire 15 dollards off my total! SCORE!

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Thanks for reading guys!

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