September 30, 2013

 About a week ago, I completed my infinity Scarf, It came off of my needles and I looked at it. I decided that I wanted to crochet an edge so It looked cleaner, and I got about half-way through it and there it sits on my desk waiting for me to come back to it. However in the mean time I have decided to cast on a new project a cropped Pullowver. Long flowy sleeves, about halfway down my torso and possibly a crocheted hood. I'm kind of excited. I'll just show you the supplies for now!

All of the supplies pictured, were bought at the Silk Road Textiles Shop in College Hill, Which reminds me that I have to go pick up the other two Colette Patterns I ordered!! I can't wait to get everything moved out of the truck at my parents so I can finally make my apartment feel like home. 

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OOTD: Drinks and Open Back.

September 27, 2013

See, I told you guys I would be doing some more Fashion posts! So Today, I was off and I decided to get dressed and run some errands, because my friend and I were going to get some drinks. Unfortunately, she bailed, so I just took care of my errands and spent time with the fam, AND I have amazing news! My paperwork FINALLY went in for my loans and they are now DEFERRED. SO MUCH STRESS OFF OF MY SHOULDERS!

Top: Rue 21 for ONLY $8 I absolutely LOVE their Clearance Section! 
Skirt: Lane Bryant, Black tulle
 Yay! New Fashion Posts will be in your immenent future! Especially, Since I am a blogger for Cityblis!

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Series #4: Upcoming Fall Television

September 16, 2013

If you don't know by now, I very rarely watch american television programs either because the ones I really really get into get cancelled, or they just don't do anything for me. But this fall Schedule, seems to be a lot different. I cannot wait to watch quite a few new ones and classics that are back!

Photo Gallery: Fall TV 2013: Must-Watch New Shows

Sleepy Hollow
Photo Gallery: Fall TV 2013: Must-Watch New Shows

Photo Gallery: Fall TV 2013: Must-Watch New Shows
Photo Gallery: Fall TV 2013: Must-Watch New Shows
, Masters of Sex,
Photo Gallery: Fall TV 2013: Must-Watch New Shows
Criminal Minds





Pretty Little Liars

What you guys planning on watching for the fall? Anything I'm missing? Leave it in the comments below!

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Friday the 13th : Scary Movie overload

September 13, 2013

  Today is Friday the thirteenth, and in a month it will be Halloween. So I thought before I kick off my annual countdown to halloween, I would give a good list of go-to scary movies for your causal perusion! My family and I absolutely LOVE scary movies, and even though I am a total wimp, and watch them only when I have a cuddle partner or a big comforter that I can hide my face in when things get a little hairy. We watch scary movies on any occasion basically whenever we feel like it. But we have those special days like Friday the 13th or any day when it wants to thunderstorm, we'll get together get all comfortable and lay up with a movie marathon. Here are a few of my favorites.

I, Madman (1986)
 Starring no one that I recognize, there is a woman, who works at a used bookstore, who discovers to books made by Michael Brand, as she begins to get enthralled with the plot of the story, bits and pieces begin to happen to her, and people around her. This is definitely NOT one of those books you wish came true. An actress, negates the love of another, who is then driven insane by rejection, he decides that he will become the perfect man, by chopping off body parts of others...It's all fun and games until someone looses an eyeball.

The Ninth Gate (2002)
  Stars Johnny Depp, Yes ladies, just sit back and relax, and enjoy the show. He is a rare book dealer, and supposedly on the journey of a book to magically summon the devil. It kind of lacks in pretty much everything, but hey Johnny Depp is in it, and if its really bad, you could always make out until the next movie starts.

Halloween (1978)
 When I was younger, I used to be so afraid of this movie. The entire series, actually. My mother and aunt, used to scare me mercilessly. I remember I was watching it with my mom and my aunt, and in the middle of one of the babysitters getting sliced and diced, My aunt turned out all of the lights, and poured hot red koolaid over my head. I freaked out, and didn't watch scary movies for 7 years. Now its my favorite Series!

Scream (1996)
  The reason I like these, are they are basically parodies of all the scary movies that came before them. There four in total, and they all center around Sidney Prescott, and her family. Perfect slasher movie date!

Friday the 13th (1986)
 Jason Vorhees and his mother, just terrorizing a small campground, slicing and dicing as they see fit. It really just seems like if you have sex in scary movies, you die, thats' good enough for me. My life or an orgasm? hmmm. I'm pretty sure its a clear choice. Also Super good by cheesy.

The Collector + The Collection (2009+2012)
 A large masked man locks and booby traps houses, and kills their inhabitants. Incredibly gory, and I only recommend this to fans of the likes of Saw. I personally HATE saw, but I can not say that it is not a great scary movie.

Martin (1978)
 Directed by George A. Romero, it centers around a character named Martin, who has monochrome romanticim feelings about Vampires, and Seducing women and drinking their blood. A Geeky Must see, but Sadly not based off of (John Fowles Novel of the same name)

Well I hope this helped you decide on your plans for Friday the 13th Guys! If there are any movies you guys think I missed, feel free to put them in the comments below! I love watching new movies!!!

Til Next time!
Have a Ghoolish Night.

Spokhette goes outside: Newport, Ky

 So Sunday Night, I went on a first date, with a very adorable and goofy Slot Technician. I was supposed to meet him at the pepper pod, which is a 24 hour restaurant in Newport. Usually when I need to head to Kentucky, I take a specific highway and then BAM! I'm there, this time I decided to google directions because I was running a little late, and doing that caused me to end up in INDIANA! Like with the welcome to Indiana sign and everything! So After, that cautastrophe, I finally found the pepper Pod, an entire hour later. And he was still there in the car, patiently waiting for me. I felt soo special. So We went in, and had dinner/breakfast, and got to know each other a little bit and then, we decided to explore Newport Ky!
 Of course I had my trusty camera with me, and I took some phtos of some of the cool things I saw on the walk. We turned the corner and there was like an entire street of antique shops, costume Galleries, and a really huge comic book shop, along with a skatershop. I was in love. We held hands and walked around until we got tired and then we sat and talked some more.

'Til Next time!

Circular Needles Meet the Infinity Scarf

September 11, 2013

Yes, acknowledge the wonderful double take that just occurred there. I wrote W.I.P as a title. As a needle Crafter, W.I.P., is an acronym for Works In Progress. Which by the mere definition means that I, Gabriella have yet again picked up yarn and needles and begun yet again the journey to that beautiful destination we call a finished project! The project that I am working on right now, is an infinity scarf for myself. In pursuing this project, I have learned how to knit in the round! Jump back wild child! JUMP BACK NOW!  Now, since I've started, I've had several people ask for certain things, but since no one has actually sat down with me, and gone over what they wanted, I suppose I'll just keep knitting!
  I really wish I had the time to sit down and learn a pattern, but alas, I am still a free-form knitter, but never fear, the cool thing about it, is that I can always re-create it, and I am seriously thinking about turning Doux Intoxicatie into a pattern shop. But for the time being, it is kinda in limbo. I'm about halfway through I think, and hopefully there will be a finished project photoshoot soon! Gotta get ready for the fall weather coming my way!

Have you guys been working on anything? I wanna start featuring people on the blog, so leave me a message in the comments, email me at emeraldarachnid@gmail.com, or send me tweet!

Til Next Time Gang,

Needles to Society: Silk Road Textiles

September 6, 2013

 The other day, I was driving home from school and on the way I discovered a little ma and Pa shop, called Silk Road Textiles. I decided to park and stop by, my mother and I have passed it several times, but this was the first time I actually stopped in. This little shop was sooo pretty! On one side there were like books, and patterns, by Collette. This was the first time I'd ever seen any of their patterns, and they were soo beautiful! They were the perfect mix between vintage and modern, like I just wanted to buy a copy of look book just to have it on display. The photography, the writing the entire lookbook was just so pretty! I couldn't get over it!
  Then on the otherside there were stacks and rows of textiles and Fabric, and then in the back there was Yarn upon yarn, and not just your run of the mill worsted yarn, but beautiful specialty yarns, beautiful alpaca blends, and gorgeous wool! I couldn't believe my eyes, it was like being a kid in candy store! I wound up picking up four balls of yarn, a pattern for Colette's Hawthorne design, placing Ceylon and Macaron on hold, and I bought a new pair of Circular needles, perfect for chunky knits! I'm already working on an infinity scarf, for the fall season. Here's the yarn I bought.

'Til next time,

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