September 30, 2013

 About a week ago, I completed my infinity Scarf, It came off of my needles and I looked at it. I decided that I wanted to crochet an edge so It looked cleaner, and I got about half-way through it and there it sits on my desk waiting for me to come back to it. However in the mean time I have decided to cast on a new project a cropped Pullowver. Long flowy sleeves, about halfway down my torso and possibly a crocheted hood. I'm kind of excited. I'll just show you the supplies for now!

All of the supplies pictured, were bought at the Silk Road Textiles Shop in College Hill, Which reminds me that I have to go pick up the other two Colette Patterns I ordered!! I can't wait to get everything moved out of the truck at my parents so I can finally make my apartment feel like home. 

 Til Next time,


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