Series #25: Sweet Christmas, I finished Luke Cage *Spoilers*

October 7, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I have been so excited about Luke Cage since I did the video about the trailer. So when It came out Friday, I just knew that I had to watch it over the weekend. I wound up finishing it around 8 ish on Saturday. I took notes during the 13 episode binge, and Now I'm about to tell ya about it. Slight spoilers will be found ahead, so make sure you watch it before you keep reading ok?

  The Feel is old school black. Like Can you dig it? Shaft Old School Black. The dialogue washed over me like a summer's day spent in my grandmother's kitchen. Homage paid to the greats, both new and old. Talk of blacks for blacks, a sense of community. A battle of the old school versus new, this cat Cottonmouth wants to take over where Fisk Left off. He doesn't care who he has to bloody to do it. And Luke? He just wants to protect those who needs it.

  So, the girl he "picks up at the bar" is Misty Knight and she's schooling Homeboys on the court and in the field, but....Is she gonna have the arm though? Claire will single handedly heal all the hero's and Bobby Fish has been laying all the clues for Heros for Hire. I love the backstory of how luke met his wife, Shades and Comanche, I hate that so many people have taken advantage of Luke, that he can't trust anyone. Or even make friends because he'll be scared of them getting hurt, or used as leverage, like Poor Squabbles.
 All that hard work and lives lost to put Cottonmouth away, and he's out in like half an episode. How much evidence is truly needed. They could use the notebook with all those names alone, just to hold him in booking. Also, the episode that gave his backstory was great! They gave the original costume, along with the gauntlets and they even used his slogan "Sweet Christmas!" When Cornell used the rocket and he said "Sweet Sister:, that was pretty perfect.

 The backsories for Mariah and Cornell, are both so devastating. Mama Mabel is the perfect presentation of Nature V. Nurture. She Nurtures the evil that lies in both Cornell and Mariah. Mama Mabel fostering the deeds that created Cottonmouth. Just like in Jessica Jones, the view people have of rape is often miscewed. Especially when the view is aways on the realm of victim Blaming. You wanted it. It happened more than once. You must have enjoyed it. With no where to run and nowhere to be safe, and to have her own family abuse Mariah that way, and to hear victim blaming from her cousin. The only family that she has left? I totally understand her rage.

 Brother Willis turns into Diamondback, and set Luke up from Jumspstreet. He would never have gone to seagate if he hadn't been set up. I was a little disappointed in Bisty not being on Claire's side. Two Women of color that should on the same side fighting corruption, But yet and still they put them against each other.

When Diamondback shot Misty, I really thought they were going to give Misty the arm, because Luke, said she was losing too much blood, but now on the last episode her arm is in working order. Can't believe Shades actually still stayed in power. Mariah is still running free, and now Luke has to go back to Seagate. Even all the easter eggs couldn't change how disappointed I was with the ending.

  Are you serious? This is how you end the season?A black hero Finally, does all that good, has the evidence to clear his name, and now he has to go back to prison? That's how you end an amazing show like that? I want to be excited for season 2, but how will they rectify this serious oversight? How would you have liked them to finish the season? Tell me about it in the comments below or on Twitter.

   Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~


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