Why I'm Proud to be a Slytherin

October 19, 2016

Hey Gang!

  When I was younger, Harry Potter was like a religion. It was something I had in common with my cousin Brianna, now the blogger of The Wandering Rose. I had every book in Hardcover. The book premieres were a privelige, in line every time waiting to read Harry's Newest Adventure. I can remember having a beanbag chair in the middle of my bedroom where I would sit with cousins and sister and read them chapters in the best character voices I could muster. They weren't very good mind you, but we were young at the time we didn't really care much. There had never been a story that captured me so completely, or had made me want to read out loud before.
  I'm a sympathetic feeler, so whatever the characters felt, I felt it too. One of the main reasons I don't watch or read anything sad if I can help it. My parents would come check on we, when I was supposed to be sleeping, and instead I'm in the same spot I was when I got home with the new book, sitting on the floor. Leaned up against my bed and trying to fit in a few more pages before I passed out. Harry Potter was the only book series that got a pass. They'd open the door, see it was Harry and then Close it again, any other book, they'd shake their heads and tell me to go to bed.
 Before Pottermore, and before I hit college I always identified with Gryffindor, because who didn'
t? All three heroes belonged to Gryffindor, the hourse of courage, bravery and valor. All the merchandise you could get was for Gryffindor, that was the house everyone wanted to be in. Once I got older, college age, I took a random online quiz and it told me I was a Ravenclaw, which made me feel good. I was semi-responsible (Hey, it was college *shrug*), intelligent and very caring.
 But now, I'm an "adult", and my boss wanted to know what house I was in. I took the Pottermore test, found out I'm slytherin. I'm proud to be a slytherin. Cynical, cunning, brilliant, clever, resourceful, and ambitious. They don't seem like flaws to me. It's not about what you've got, but what you do with it. Sure, the worse villain ever was a member of the house, but wasn't strong enough to turn his misfortune into fuel to do something better.
 Plus, Merlin, the greatest wizard of all time was sorted into Slytherin. Everything he learned he learned from there. All wizards that want to make something of themselves, attempt to do things that will gain them the Order of Merlin, whose ribbon is green to compliment his house! I don't know about you guys, but Merlin was one of my favorite characters, even before Harry Potter, so the fact that he was once in my house, really resonates with me.

 What House are you in? Are you proud? If we share houses, let me know on twitter! Lets Chat!

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~


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