A Cat Wizard Takes on a Gaggle of Ghosts in Google's New Banner!

October 31, 2016

Hey Gang!

 Just wanted to stop by and tell you guys about this amazing game that google created for the weekend. You can play it straight from Googles Homepage, and this should show you how amazing it is because I don't blog on the weekends. But I just had to tell you about this game!!

 You play as a cat wizard, in a school full of different animal wizards.Your character has a blue book stolen by an evil ghost and you continue through 5 levels of defeating different types of ghosts by drawing the symbol that they carry above them. As you go through the levels, the symbols get more and more difficult, until it becomes almost like a line of code.

If you draw a heart while the ghost is on the screen, you are able to replenish. As soon as Alex showed it to me, I fell in love, and squealed accordingly. I'm pretty sure I squealed through the entire first level, which I'm sure my parents can attest to.

 I made it all the way through level 4 the first time around before I died, and on my 2nd play through I defeated it. I don't wanna give any spoilers because the game itself is absolutely a joy and you definitely want to experience it for yourself, I did take a few snapshots though.

 Seriously though between the Beethoven game they put out last year and this? I'm not sure that it could be done. The cat is the cutest thing I've ever seen. The method of game play is super simple, and definitely a game you can take with you and play through on your day. It reminded me of Dance Dance Revolutions, which I hadn't played in years, so of course, this game just completely made my weekend. Plus the art reminded me of Picolo, which was also pretty great.

What's your High Score? What is your favorite Google Doodle? Lets talk about it on Twitter!

Happy Halloween! 

 Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy, ~Spokhette!~


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