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October 24, 2016

Hey everyone, happy haunting season! Let me introduce myself briefly before I get into the fun stuff. My name is Layla and I run a blog fittingly titled Layla Wrote. A lifelong nerd and fantasy enthusiast, my posts there range from reviews and fandom news to more personal experiences in my life and a whole lot of lists. When Gabriella contacted me about being a part of this little project I knew I needed to take part because well, I love Halloween!

It’s a time for vampires, for witches and ghosts. Considering these are all favorites of mine year round it would be no surprise that I anticipate the holiday. Who doesn’t appreciate an excuse to play dress up or just get spooky? As a relatively young adult I don’t think I’ve quite settled into my Halloween traditions yet – my current living situation doesn’t allow me to go all out as I would like, but I sure am working on it! Always vital to any holiday celebration is some themed viewing, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite Halloween films that I’ll be watching this year. Maybe you already love them yourself, or maybe they’ll be new additions to your own binge! If you’re anything like me, this generally happens on the couch in full costume, sneaking candy from the bowl meant for any trick or treaters at the door.

The Addams Family – This is a must for me, every year. It’s the perfect balance of spooky, funny and campy all in one film. Morticia is one of my favorite characters and I just have so much fondness for the film and all its quirks.

Crimson Peak – This is the newest film on my list but it somehow already feels like a classic – likely intentional in the storytelling. I love a good gothic romance and this certainly delivers. It’s less scary, more unsettling and delightfully bloody to those who enjoy a spot of gore. It’s Guillermo del Toro plus the arguable love of my life Jessica Chastain so it was destiny really. Also starring some actor named Tom Hiddleston you may have heard a bit about.

Nightmare on Elm Street – Growing up I was hnestly never big on the horror genre because it didn’t get to me the way it did some of my friends. This was one of the few films I watched and actually found myself getting a little scared. Freddy Krueger is such a great villain and I definitely don’t want him showing up in my dreams.

Interview with the Vampire – It's worth noting that Lestat is one of my top vampires of all time. As someone who's been fascinated by the blood drinking creatures in fiction for as long as I can remember, this is a big deal. Not only is the Anne Rice adaptation dark and entertaining, but it's memorable like no other take on the vampire genre (save perhaps that of Joss Whedon in Sunnydale). 

Shadow of a Doubt – This one may not seem like so much of an obvious choice, but it’s a favorite of mine even outside of Halloween so I wanted to include it. This film is the classic tale of well, creepy uncles and murder. No one knows suspense like Hitchcock and the leads Theresa Wright and Joseph Cotton seal the deal.

Psycho – I couldn’t mention Hitchcock without including this, right? This film is iconic for a reason, or rather many reasons. It’s another must for me each year because it doesn’t get much more exciting than awaiting that infamous shower scene. After how amazing prequel series Bates Motel has been (sadly reaching its series end next season) it seems even more fitting to give the film another watch.

As a bonus, I want to share what’s become a newer habit for me each Halloween and that is the addition of some television viewing! Specifically, watching the Halloween themed episodes for some of my favorite shows. It’s great fun for when you’re decorating or anything else that keeps you from sitting for a full movie. A few of the shows that have especially fun episodes to watch are Bob’s Burgers, Parks and Recreation and of course, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For the more anyone wanting a more serious level of scares, a binge of American Horror Story, The Strain or Penny Dreadful could do the trick.

So that’s it for me and my Halloween traditions! It’s a delight getting to share this with you all here in Nerdette At Large - how does my viewing compare to yours? Feel free to share your thoughts here or you can find me on most social media @laylawrote!


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