A normal weekend at the Watchtower

September 21, 2012

 Hello Readers,

   There is love and excitement at the Watchtower! My sister is spending the night, and we're doing all kinds of girly sister stuff and getting her ready for the homecoming football game Friday night. We took some super silly pictures of ourselves, as we prepare for the nights activities.

-We walked up the hill and around the corner, so we could get pop, because I forgot to pick some up on my way home from work.

-Connecting our PS3 so we can watch Netflix: Black Books, Thor, and play Catherine.

-Finally moving music to my ipod. Now that I have a windows based computer!

-Giving each other makeovers.

-Watching Batman Movies: Currently on Batman: Under the Red Hood. (Her favorite)

Now, back to Party Rocking,
Mistress out,


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