Tactical Tuesdays # 4

September 4, 2012

 I know It's been a minute since I've done one of these, but that just means that I have double the amount of stuff to show you! So without further ado since this edition is huge here goes nothing!

New Music:

-Wonder Girls: Girlfriend

-Big Bang: Feeling

-G-Dragon: That XX

-Teen Top: To you

-Rainbow: Kiss

-Florence + the Machine: Drumming Song

-Analogue Monsta- Time To

New Blogs:

-Pugly Pixels: Coding Help and e-Courses

-Dream in Vintage: Indie Business Owner and Vintage Fashion by Ashlee

-Word Addict: Personal Style Blogger Tammie, introduces you to cute looks and new Vocabulary!

-Boys are Idiots: A personal Write up from a 23 year old damsel.

Things I want:

Puglypixels' Css E-Course

Ipod Classic 160gb in white

To Finish Doctor Who re-runs so I can watch the Season PREMIERE!

Mistress Out,


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