Minty Plaid! A D.I.Y. Nail Tutorial

September 10, 2012

 Hello Readers, I'm really starting to come into my own these past couple of days. I don't have anything to do until work tonight, so I decided to watch some new music videos and paint my nails. Today is a super easy tutorial, it just takes a little patience is all.

Step One: Gather supplies.

- Mint Green Nail Polish
-White Nail Polish
- Scotch tape 4 pieces for each nail

Step Two: Paint All Nails White
- Make Sure it Dries Completely. COMPLETELY!

Step Three: Place Tape strips on nails.
- They should make a tic tac to board on your finger, like plaid.

Step Four: Paint ALL nails Mint Green. Over the Tape.
-Wait to dry.
- Usually Mint is very light, you might need more than one coat.

Step Five: If your nails are COMPLETELY dry, remove the tape and enjoy your design.

Mistress Out,


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