Welcome to SEPTEMBER!!

September 1, 2012

 Hello Readers, I can't believe it is already September! The year is literally flying past me. I'm going to have to get my life together! I am determined to make the best of September this year. 

 Here are just a few of the things I'm hoping to be able to do this month.

- September 28th-30th: Ohio Comic-Con. During this weekend I will be in Columbus getting my nerdette on. I have two costumes completed. 

- FINALLY MOVE INTO MY APARTMENT. I am so ready to start living in the watchtower, it's not even FUNNY. If you are wondering why I call it the watchtower. ( JLU's headquarters is called the Watchtower, and I'm a nerd. It's not that hard to put together.)

- An Exciting 365 Photography project. 

- I've been re-energized to create, Brand new items for the shop.

 I'm so ready for September you guys! Fresh New Month, Fresh New Start. It's also the first official month that VSS is OPEN for Sponsors. If you guys are interested in Sponsoring me, or doing button  swaps please feel free to email me! 

Mistress Out,


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