30 Days of Knitting: Day Two

September 2, 2012

What is Currently on your needles?

 Knitting and Crochet are activities that are very calming for me, they give me a kind of suspended state. Now having mentioned that, the way I knit and Crochet are very hectic, I usually have multiple different projects on my needles at the same time. At the moment I have three projects on my needles:

-Katie's Kitten Makeup Bag- 40% complete (Knit)
  A rectangular knit bag in yellow, with a kitty face and ears, Velcro Clasp

-Eboni's Dead Cat Hat- 79% complete (Crochet)
  An all black hat with Black Cat ears and black tassels, with a dead kitty face done in White thread. 

-Gianna's Watermelon Pillow- 25% complete (Crochet)
  A green and Red Crocheted Pillow with super soft fluff inside and threaded seeds.

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