Green hair is a turn on...Who Knew?

July 7, 2010

So, I finally have the means to upload the photos from the party! It went well, a lot of people showed up and I had a great time! In fact the time I had was so great that I kinda forgot about taking photos, and so there aren't a lot to show... :( Sorry. So, my mother thinking that she would save time. Picked me up at the right time after picking up the loveable "bratz" and proceeded to go straight to the grill. I had no chance to brush my hair, change my clothes, or anything of that nature, including grabbing the blankets and lawn chairs for the movie!
I ordered the cake around 8 in the morning, and told them that it needed to be ready by 2:00 p.m. THey said okay, and when I get there is it ready? Of COURSE NOT! I just don't understand! Then this has possibly got to be the most ghetto thing I've ever seen. How are you going to go shopping in the grocery store, bring your OWN cart, and then just stand in the middle of the aisle???? You know people have to get through there, and sure enough they were just sitting there chilling I was so pissed off! I was like seconds away from bashing my cart into theirs, but I really didn't want to go to jail for assault, especially on the day of my party, so I just made an extremely sharp right turn and went around them.
Then when we finally arrived at the grill, we were two hours early, I was in a tube top and hoodie, I wanted to take the hoodie off so badly, but My mother was there, and I really really really didn't want to argue with her, it was so freaking hot! I kept putting my hair up and then down and then up again, Plus I had the green highlights which were like sticking to my head. It was just a mess, I'm glad I didn't put on any serious makeup on, because I would have looked like a drunk whore and really? who wants to go out looking like that? Seriously. Mostly everyone showed up, of course Bryan was late, but what else is new? Then Most of the people weren't aware it was a drive in. I just went back to the invite and it doesn't say anything about the movies being a drive in. Epic fail on my part. Oooops.
Then we went to the drive in! OMG, that was a complete disaster! First, the instructions I printed out were for the "long way" apparently, thanks to Jason, we know that now. Of course, Jason also told us to drive around the Super long ass line, and then cut across turn around and make a left turn into the theater, apparently country folks really love them some drive in theater. Not only were we the only black people in the theater, sans Amber, but we think of her as family anyway. There was this HUGE TRUCK and he wouldn't let us through, Like Bryan kept trying to edge over and the truck just kept on its merry little way, I was inches away from road rage, when the idiot finally let us through, That day was very turmolous for my feelings, Lots of ups and downs. Then we finally turn around and get into the theater, I felt like Grandma and Mom, the person selling tickets was like what about the kids in the back, I was like they are all under eleven, and she gave me this look and I just repeated it. Just like the good old Golden Corall days! LOL. Mom should get a kick out of this. Then when we finalllllly get in, practically everywhere is full, and we're stuck in like row 9 of ten. Which kinda sucked, but Hey Jason was in the same row, so we were able to chill for a little while, but he left after Toy Story 3, wimp. I loved Eclipse, Bryan wasn't to happy with our Jacob peanut gallery. LOL. Its okay, (just between you and me? my eyes were on him the whole film *wink*)
Presents included: Brand spanking new Mp3 player (touchscreen), A black and red lace top hat, from Alice in Wonderland, 2 bday cards, and a Whole years worth of shower products Gotta Love your body lol!

And that concludes my bday part entry.

Peculiarly Yours,

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