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July 14, 2010

SO I have a new name for my readers. Fafi has lovelies, someone eles I was reading the other days said fexies, so whats wrong with bloggercats? So I've bought some new makeup! I'm really excited about it! Here are the pictures, when they arrive I'll do a haul video and show swatches. Photobucket My 120 count makeup pallette. Very excited to start using by the way.Photobucket My first new tube of lipstick NYX baby Pink
Photobucket Nyx Lipstick in Harmonica
Photobucket Nyx eyeshadow base/primer in skintone ( cuz contrary to popular belief I'm not white and the only other two colors, were white and pearl.)
Photobucket and this pair of tan heels, which are uber beautiful and this time I made sure to get the right size! Fallen arches will be a thing of the past. Soon, Veronica Mars and New Moon should be arriving soon, but for the meantime I think'll continue my Gossip Girl marathon, just can't get enough of Jennifer Tallulah Humphrey...

XoXo Peculiarly yours,

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