July 21, 2010

I miss blogging. I miss little paragraphs of my inner thoughts gracing my computer screen. I haven't blogged, and I mean really blogged in a really long time. The last like five entries have all been quickies and review posts. So, I've gone kinda crazy with amazon. I've ordered a nice pair of heels, and mp3 player, 3 toys for my sisters birthday ( Shhh it's a secret), and my makeup. I finally came up with an extravagant look for my new tutorial. Which is really about time. I just wish Fafinette would post more videos! She was my inspiration!!!!!!!
Speaking of inspiration, I have given my father a proposition to create a laptop, especially designed for me! He asked me to create a list of requirements, such as what I want in it and this is a short hand list of what I gave him.
1.) I know this makes me a total wierdo, but I asked for an old keyboard, such as ones found on Hitachi laptops. Basically, the really big and chunky keys that make a sound when I'm typing, That's how my first computer sounded and it's just a kind of calming sound for me, very nostalgic.
2.) I asked for at least 4 Usb 2.0 ports.
3.)Fireware port. The only reason I call this a short hand list is because I can't for the life of me remember the rest of my list. So I'm hoping to have this finished by the time school starts in late august.
I really love fashion. and its starting to make me re-think my life plan. I had it all figured out. 8 years of school. 4 years of Grad school, particularly in London, or Japan, and then Searching for a job in colleges, for professor of history, possibly gather tenure, and then move on to becoming the HEAD curator of the Smithsonian. However, now, I'm kinda slowly moving away from that. The other day, I spent hours, Like a whole two days just designing. There are loads of pieces that totally translate to my way of sewing. And the designs would stitch up really easily. So, although my major goal isn't completely gone, its kind of like morphed into having something to deal with fashion. Like the other day I saw a billboard that had an exhibit at the art museum and it was film costumes through history. Maybe my passions can blend that way? I'm hoping so, because I don't really want to give up on my dream.
I haven't decided on when I should move in. But today i'm looking to see if I can find my list of books for my classes.I can't log onto my student registry. Like at all, It takes my username and pin and then the screen goes blank. I've tried this on 12 different computers, so it has to be me! I just don't know why it would do this, and when I called ISS of course they didn't have an answer for me.... So I can't print out a list of my classes, or see if my books are posted yet or anything! Classes are the 23rd of August!!!!!!!!! I'm already being rushed to move in, because they want it to be the weekend before classes. I like to get comfortable with my surroundings. I'm going to be in a completely different room, with a new roommate, I need to get used to this, and they don't seem to care. And quite frankly, I'm getting very tired of people not caring! Why is that everytime something school related doesn't work then it works in Internet Explorer. I HATE INTERNET EXPLORER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bridget wants to go get another piercing. Either an industrial or a trangus. But their sooo expensive! I still don't know which one Im going to choose + Im running out of time. I'm so excited to move in! I was researching, Both of them are dangerous because of the fact that both area's have bones in them. WHich just makes my skin crawl... So I still haven't fully decided yet.

Peculiarly yours,
Gabriella xoxo

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