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June 30, 2010

Hello LOVELIES! I know I've been gone for a minute, but here's what I've been up too. finalizing my birthday plan especially since it is two days away now. I still haven't bought the cake mix, I haven't bought the ice cream, I can only find one lawn chair, I still haven't gotten my hair braided, everytime I ask, my cousins have done something really stupid and pisses my aunt off. My aunt is absolute, unabashed genius when it comes to hair, but she already braids tight! Imagine how much my head would hurt if she braided it while she was ticked off. NO THANK YOU. So, tonight I'm supposed to be getting it done. Last night I picked up the hair and stuff for my styles. I got two packs of black tracks and a blonde track. They didn't have the dye in the colors that I wanted, so now today I have to pick up the dye. Now, I've had this blog since 2008, and although my look has changed/matured, I think I did a very good job on keeping my identity right? I mean when I started you didn't think I was black and now I'm trying to be white or something right? I mean, I'm still Gabby, Black, cuban cherokee mix, and I'll be damned if someone accuses me of trying to fit a caucasian's shoes. I have no problem with any other raace! None, it's just I like being what I am and even though I change the outside, like make up and hair from time to time, doesn't mean that I'm trying to be Paris Hilton, young, stupid and useless. I just thought I should bring it up because my dad brought it up to my mother, like he brings up all the problems with me, and tells her that he's worried that I'm losing my true (african-american) identity and am trying to assimilate into a whiter identity just because I happen to read teen magazines, I love how he says I read the white ones but he never realizes that I only pick the ones up when there is someone like us on the cover! Vanessa Hudgens, Raven Symone, Eva Longoria, Beyonce', Michelle Obama, Oprah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Women on color who are making differences! Selena Gomez, the only white girl I picked up, was Taylor Momsen, and everyone knows why she is on the list. She's a 16 year old ,with a voice like Joan Jett, common sense like Oprah and self esteem like Marilyn Monroe, why wouldn't she be on the list?! I just seem to think that its interesting that whenver my father has an issue with me, it's never brought to MY ATTENTION! You're problem is with me right? So tell me, don't run, its really annoying!

Peculiarly Yours,
xoxo Gabriella

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