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June 1, 2010

 So  I have a lot to catch you up on. First things first. Bryan is completely out of the picture, I hope he is perfectly happy with his girlfriend that he probably was never going to leave me for. I was sitting there thinking about that text message :I chose her. At first I was upset. and then I realized something. This whole mess, started with that. That he had chosen someone else and kept coming back to me...I'm not good enough for a relationship but a sideline chick? Hell yea, I fit the bill. And I'm tired of it. He chose his girlfriend, and that's how it should have been. And if he had chosen me, then I wouldn't have taken him, because if he's able to up and leave his actual girlfriend for me, then what's stopping him from leaving me the same way? Nothing, because the truth is, no matter how beautiful a woman is there is always a man out there tired of fucking her. So I'm single and actually content with the way I feel for once. Usually, I'm sad for a while and then I try and find another, and I think that is one of my problems. I'm ready to jump at every chance and I need to look at them better.
  In better news, I finally had my first trip to Starbucks. I try so hard not to fall into fads. But I finally broke down and went with My aunt Brenda and had a strawberry smoothie, because I don't do coffee. Period.
And the verdict? It was fucking disgusting. It was such a waste of money. My aunt got something and my younger cousin. Our total was $11. 75 whatever my strawberry cup of shit cost was such a waste of money. Oh it was horrible! it tasted like they had something other than vitamin D milk in it, and the strawberries didn't taste or feel, as they slid down my throat like real strawberries but more like those artificial gels that my dad gets to put on top of our fresh cut strawberry shortcakes. Total Fail, I will never visit Starbucks ever again. It's a wrap you failed epically. 
  So Practicallly everyone knows about my little blog shop. I'm still adding to my collection, but I finally finished my skirt. I also have a new clutch and a camera pouch. Plus, I've been invited to show my designs at a Fashion show in K-state. I'm so excited. I'm going to donate some of my pieces and model. Hopefully, it will bring me some publicity. Y-Quest is finally hiring again, so I'm working on updating my resume so I can email it to them. I mean It's so close i can walk which is why it would be such a great job for me. Plus I can do the night shift and work saturdays, so that leaves Thursdays and Sundays for Dance Practice. Speaking of which is seriously pissing me off, because my first practice is the 4th . 3 days from now, and I still haven't gotten in touch with that freaking physician.. I can't dance until I do and she won't get back to me. AARRGH!
  I think that is pretty much it for now. So....
Peculiarly Yours,


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