Comics Roundup #24 Spoilers

April 25, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I've been using slow time at work to catch up on my continually growing stack of comics. I've completely caught up on Silk and have started reading Mockingbird. I have to admit that I am loving how female-centric Silk is becoming. Silk, Spider-woman, Mockingbird, and Black Cat, all in one series? What more could you ask for as a woman who loves comics in this day and age? Especially with Berganza still in office, and Dc's Rebirth about to get underway. It was like Marvel was throwing me a life jacket. And then they took it away when they cast Dr. Strange and Iron Fist, but that's an article for another day.
  This series is different from the original one I read. Silk a double agent? I love that JJJ has a nickname for her, and Analog works so well, considering she was in a bunker for 10 years. If JJJ loves Silk, imagine how hard it will be for her to cultivate a "bad" Rep? Spidey's been around since 1962 and JJ still thinks he's a bad guy. What could the goblin king be injecting his knights with? Also, can we talk about mister ghost person, that is sending Silk tips to Cindy? Who else could know her secret identity? Is Smokie dude, friend or foe? He does look super bad ass though.
 - Oh Snap! Peter's concerned Silk works for the other team...
- I knew Shrike was up to no good. I had no idea who he was and with that ponytail, I knew he couldn't be trusted. Now thanks to him, she's part Goblin. Now she's after Black Cat with increased power, but glad she stopped to give Shrike a good butt-kicking.
- I absolutely love that the whole time Shrike was trying to lay doubt about Silk to Black Cat, it only made her suspicious of him.
- I think it's super sweet that Jay Jay's showing concern for Cindy, it makes my heart swell.
- I definitely need to read up on Black Cat, She's a bad ass in this. She came through and wiped that gang out in seconds...
- These six issues definitely set everything up for the upcoming Spider-women special coming up. I'm looking forward to it slightly. I still don't like Spider-Gwen.
 I only had one issue of Mocking Bird and it wasn't as long as I thought it was. It included a preview of Black Widow, which was cool, but not very conducive to telling me more about Mockingbird like I expected it to. I loved all the little details in this comic. The Adorable SD Black Widow mug, The Tardis Coffee container.
 It was such a change of events! What kind of Son kills his mom? I knew there was something fishy about that guy, as soon as he graced the pages, and she started speaking about patterns. I knew he was up to no good. I wonder if she really is psychic, How does Wilma fit into this? Did she help her become an academic, or pull her away from that path? Does she help her "psychic" feels grow? This issue didn't really introduce too much about her, but it did a really good job of getting me intrigued. I definitely want to continue reading the series.

 Have you guys been reading any comics lately? Are you fans of Silk or Mockingbird? Tell me about it on Twitter, I  would love to fangirl over awesome characters with you guys.

Until Next Time,
 Stay Nerdy Gang,


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