Sponsor Vulcan Sugar and Spice for the Month of November

October 24, 2012

Hello my lovely readers!! I know I have neglected the blog a touch this month, but I now have my two ...Hopefully three jobs soon under control and now I can keep everything to a schedule.  But even with a slight drop in blog posts the blog still gets a steady 200 and up daily viewing. In doing so, I am celebrating the upcoming end of this awesome month of October to let everyone know that Vulcan Sugar and Spice is open for sponsorship for November. Join Boux Who and advertise your blog or small business with me!

For more information, please refer to my sponsorship page. 

- 3 Ad Types: Small, medium,Large

- Each Ad lasts 30 days from the date Posted (Not purchased)

- The Middle of the month All ads except Large are rotated for Maximum Exposure.

remember, I only profit, when and if you do. So help us both out and sponsor!

Mistress Out,


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