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December 2, 2012

I know it snuck up on me too! I have some pretty Big things planned for December and since you are a loyal reader and or some lucky chap that happened upon my pensieve I'll let you in on a few of the super crazy awesome schtuff that's about to go down here at VSS.

   It is now December the beginning of Con Season for me (anyways) and I thought I would include you guys in a way I've never done before. Now that I have my own Con/nerd oriented blog and job position, I feel like its my job to report the goings on. I will be uploading new
blog posts to GGC as Comics contributor, and NerdettesUnite. But you can find everything in one spot here. That includes the videos that I plan on shooting the interviews I plan on having *fingers Crossed* I wonder if I can get a press pass *hmm* Yeah so thats a thing. Keep up with my twitter as well gang. 

- Confessions Of A Girl Gamer
   I will be inviting other female bloggers who game to guest post about their experiences in the gaming community. I've sent out quite a lot of emails, so far NovaDee and Misfit Librarian have signed to the cause. I can't wait for that to start. There will be a lot more posts coming soon guys, I've finally got my mojo back.

- Armageddicon
  An Anime convention in Columbus, 20 days away. My first Live Con. My second time attending, its going to be a BLAST! Run by Anime Punch, I can Legit say that I've never experienced another con quite like it.

- Buying a car.
  I'm making a very tentative agenda to buy a car this December, I have the money to afford one, but I don't want to rush into buying a car, like I rushed into buying a moped. I need something that is going to get me from point a to b without killing me or anyone else in the process also I need it to have a horn and be an automatic, having a bit of an issue with that.

 What are some of you plans for December? Let me know in a comment down below or on twitter!


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