Tinsel Town #1: Favorite Christmas Songs

December 6, 2012

 Hello Sugars!
  Welcome to my equivalent of getting into the holiday Season. Today I'm going to tell you about my favorite Christmas music. The funny thing is I listen to christmas music ALL YEAR AROUND. I just can't get enough, so I thought it would be cool if I shared some with you guys!

Tommy Heavenly6- I love Xmas

Christina Aguliera- This Christmas

Demi Lovato- Wonderful Time of the year

Mariah Carey- All I want for Christmas is you

Boys II Men- Let it Snow

Chris Brown - This Christmas

Cheetah Girls- Have a Cheetah-licious Christmas

Epik High- No more Christmas ( not really a christmas song but it has it in the title so there!)

Glee Cast- Baby, its Cold Outside

JYP Nation- This Christmas

Nsync- Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Paul McCartney- Wonderful Christmas Time

Eartha Kitt- Santa Baby

Sixpence none the richer- You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch

VersaEmerge- Santa Baby

Hopefully, You guys have found new music to put on your players, cds and traditions. If you have any favorites leave in the comment box below, I'd love some new christmas music suggestions.

Mistress Out,


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