Black Friday Shopping Haul!!

December 1, 2012

  So I know I haven't really been updating, but theres an easy explanation. I've been working my but off!! So Surprisingly I had the end of Black Friday off, and I decided to go shopping. So here are the things I picked up.
Super Princess Peach/Professor Layton and the Last Spector/Pheonix Wright:Ace Attorney

Star Trek/Avengers/Legion of superheroes Vol 1-2 
The Amazing Spiderman

Green Sleeves $8.16
Body Central

Strapless Preplum $25
Charlotte Russe

Blue and White Stripe Sweater $16
Body Central

Mint and Grey Jeggings $15
Charlotte Rouse

Glittery Strapless Crop top $10
Charlotte Russe

White Tanktop $20
Charlotte Russe

Mint Suede Pumps $15
Charlotte Russe

 Plus I am back on Youtube Gang!! My Youtube channel: Brielbunny is back in action. All of my gaming videos, tutorials and haul videos will be back and held here. My personal Vlogs and Little Blurbs will be held on my Vimeo. Ya know, if you're interested in all my weird video Schtuff.

Mistress Out,


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