Night Out

December 11, 2012

 My Friends and I went to Bdubs to blow off some steam, half of us Exam week the other half work. I had a total Blast, Robin came with us but she is taking the picture. :( I really have to wonder sometimes where I got such kick ass hilarious friends, I really must remember to thank them for being in my life, because I have to admit that they are quite literally legit. Plus you get to check me out in my new glasses! Lookin' like a hot teacher over in the corner. I even had a sip of a strawberry Daiquiri? Not quite sure how that's spelled. I only had a sip, I'm not a drinker by any stretch of the imagination. Robin drank the rest, it wasn't bad, but I could taste the alcolhol. So I didn't like it haha, usually its the other way around, but I think thats why I'm not a Fan of liquor because even when its mixed with stuff I can taste it, and it doesn't interest me so I don't like the taste of it.

From Lto R: Robin, Zach, Brandon, Izzy and Josh (I took this pic) because our waitress was LITERALLY useless, there are six people here, how in the world is 5 napkins going to be enough, we had to get our own refills, and half the time she was watching the game instead of watching her tables. Needless to say, her tip was not the best. It felt soo good just to get out of the apartment get out of work and chill out with my friends, I haven't worked with them in forever, and I hadn't seen them in even longer than that, so I was excited for the opportunity to get dressed in non work attire and just kick back and chill. Laughs were had by all, and they were loud laughs, I am certain that tables were looking at us like we were crazy and that When I laugh hard I cry, I was bawling by the time we'd left, I wouldn't be surprised if my makeup was sliding down my face, it was quite hilarious.

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