New Hobbies: Exploring Cemetaries

July 15, 2013

Sorry, I haven't written guys, I had serious issues, with the internet at the batcave. But alas, now it is fixed and I can continue to update the Blog with my IRL activities. So lately, I have been really into graveyards and cemetaries, not only like just visiting them or walking through them, but Photographing them as well. So Far, I've visited three so far. Here are some of my favorite shots from them.

 My sister and I were just driving down the street one day and then suddenly came across Smiley Cemetary, which was basically built right into someone's backyard! I wonder what it would be like to live next to a graveyard... I wonder if that family hears noises and stuff at night, just like living in a house that's haunted, something else I want to experience. Every day I drive around I keep an eye out for graveyards, my family thinks I'm weird, but its just something I enjoy.  I dont know why...

Til Next time!

Mistress Out,


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