Comics Round Up #28 Spoilers!

January 27, 2017

Hey Gang!

 I am so excited right now. I have not done a post about Comics in a while. Between working two jobs and moving into a new house all of my thoughts have been on moving in and making our new house feel like a home. Thankfully, there is a Local Shop near by, so I am beyond stoked. If you follow my social media, Instagram and Twitter, you will have seen this already, but I'll post it up here, for those that only read my blog, or literally found me 5.4 seconds ago. Hullo! I'm going to go check out the Local shop more thoroughly after I get paid, and I'll do a whole post about it but for now the new comics I bought!
 I purchased Batgirl #50 and #52 To complete my Fletcher, Tarr and Stewart run Collection. I love them so much. Because of their awesomeness, I just had to pick up the new series that they are working on right now, Motor Crush #1 + #2, Bikes, Racing, and a black Female lead? Its an automatic add to my pull pile. Also in the pile is Vixen Rebirth #1, and Unstoppable Wasp #1. Since I took a small break on Comics *Can't quite remember the reason why* (Crying Man babies) I have put myself in a bit of a hole, in trying to find early issues of the series I was really interested in. Batgirl, Batgirl and The Birds of Prey, Kim and Kim, Nightwing, Silk and So forth.
 Can I just say I am so in love with the entire vibe they have created with Motor Crush? I literally couldn't wait to read more. The Live transmission "Catball" needs to be a plushie like yesterday.
 Domino must be pretty different to be able to take Crush as medicine when it belongs in vehicles only. At First I thought it was like Nox, from Fast and the Furious and too much could blow the bike, but looks like it can blow people too. Not a good look. Why did Lan steal her stash and go through the storeroom? What else are they hiding in there?
 What happened between Lola and Dom? I'm thinking they used to be a couple. I hope Lola come back as her mechanic, because they could obviously use the help. Now Dom is going to help pay all debts, but if she loses, she sacrifices herself, welp, it's a good thing Lola brought her a new bike. Yes, definitely NEED MORE MOTOR CRUSH!
 The Unstoppable Wasp was so so good! I haven't read any Ant-Man or Wasp comics before this. I know the general story, Woman Beater, Great Scientist, Domestic Abuse is overlooked. This however looks to be their daughter, and She's so upbeat and cheerful, I don't unsterstand how she isn't infectious. If you aren't smiling after this, there maybe something seriously wrong with you. You might want to go see someone about it, Seriously. I think Nadia's Nievitay is so refreshing, and her enthusiasm about new things is pretty cute. She was part of the Red Room, that same place that bred Black Widow, instead of becoming an assassin, she was a scientist and an engineer.
 I love that Mockingbird is in this, I really needed some more of her. I'm hoping that she'll stay on as like a mentor figure. Love that Ms. Marvel and Wasp both read Fanfiction. She's a happy Scientist? What better weapon to fight a mad one? I love her already! Who was Monica and why did she have a phaser belt? I love the homage they pay to Mockingbird, too many people just think she hits people with sticks and was married to Hawkeye, so many people look over the fact that she was a biologist, and almost recreated the Serum that created Capt. America AND MORE! YES YES YES, Thank you Marvel for another Feminist Agenda, I needed it! I want to be part of G.I.R.L., but Science definitely isn't my bag!
  Mari McCabe, Runway Model, Activist and now off to find a missing mother. Am I the only one hoping that this turnes out to be a kind of private eye gig? Spiderbite is just a wimp, hurting others to protect himself. There's no honor in that, you are not a man for that. He's kidnapping Mothers, because he lost custody of his child after he was released from jail for murder. I LOVE the backstory for Mari. She loses her mother, and her father, and rejects the totem, until she needs to go to bat for someone else. Until she needs to protect someone else from going through the same things she went through as a child. What else do you call a hero? I fell in love with this issue, but I'm so angry that the next time I will see her is in JLA Rebirth.Vixen Rebirth #1 is so good, I don't need everyone else, I just need Mari. She's a strong character, with a great story line, she can stand on her own. Stop using her as a foundation for your shaky white characters. ~end rant.~

  What are some of your thoughts on comics right now? Lets talk titles on Twitter!

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