Adventures With Spokhette #7: Thanksgiving Wildlife

January 16, 2017

Hey Gang!

 I've been exploring more and more of my fair city lately, which is why the blog is afloat with all of these photos of the outside. Who knew it could be so awesome? As a child, I was only allowed to ride my bike to the 2nd tree on the street, so roughly about four houses down and then back again. We didn't really live in a rough neighborhood, but my parents were just super worry warts, I'd go out on my bike for maybe 15 minutes and then I'd come back inside and play video games or read. I wasn't really one for being outside the home. Now that I'm an adult *haha* I've made it my mission that I want to explore at least once a week, so this year there will be lots of going outside posts, sorry, if it's not really your jam.
 On Thanksgiving, Alex and I went to go spend the first half of the day with his family at his parent's house. They live in a culd-a-sac surrounded by woods. When we arrived, they quickly mentioned that they had seen a small pig running around the neighborhood, and that it was hanging out with the dog across the street, Alex and I both being animal lovers, of course we had to go see for ourselves. While over there, we met a very large but super friendly cat that looked like a mixture of our fluffy gray cat Kahn and Orange like our cat Geronimo, Of course I instantly wanted to take him home, but Alex said no, as usual.

Have you met any super friendly animals on your adventures? Lets chat about it on Twitter!

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