1st Podcast of The Year: Influential Heroes

January 13, 2017

Hey Gang!

 One of the new things happening on Nerdette At Large for 2017, is that I am participating in a Podcast, I got a small taste in this episode, and I knew I just had to have some more. So, I contacted Da Nerdette on Twitter, looking to see if I could guest on any future shows of her super popular show Heroes and Coffee. Instead of a simple guest spot, I wound up with a Co-Contributor position for the shows twitter, Heroes and Comics, AND my own Segment on the podcast called Superheroes 101.

 In Superheroes 101, I will be condensing Comic Book Character history, and dropping some knowledge upon the unaware. I am absolutely floored with this amazing opportunity, and I can NOT wait for you guys to hear my new segment. We recorded the first podcast of the year, on Saturday, and it's already up and ready to listen to~!

 In This episode, Da Nerdette, MarvelZombie and I talk about Superheroes who are influential to us. Coincidentally we all chose Marvel characters, To listen, simply click the photo below to hear who we chose, and the rest of our awesome podcast.

Who are some the superheroes that Inspire you? Lets chat all weekend on Twitter about It!

Until Next Time Gang, ~Spokhette~

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