August 1, 2011

 Hi! Gabriella Here to tell you the daily thread news today. We haven’t been able to add much to the site, because of four reasons. A. I have dance camp that takes up most of the day. B. Claire goes home on the weekends, so we’re not together to brainstorm, resulting in pictures or new designs. C. I’m working on a neckwarmer, but what with the ten hour dance camp, massive amounts of homework, boyfriend troubles and blogging for my school, I just haven’t had the time, to work on anything new and exciting. 4. Probably a bad thing to be, when your occupation is small business owner, but I’m slightly lazy too. 
  Never Fear Fair Customer! For Claire the Great, has some ravishing scarf designs ready for display, now if we could only get our non compliant model to cooperate with us, then we could show you… Now where did I put that red hot poker??? Anywho, I’ll just find it later, but we are definitely ready to open up shop, the basic photos of our products will be uploaded Monday on Etsy, along with prices and information, right after Claire gets off work and I’m done with band. Being a college student is no joke!
   Pretty soon though, we will start posting the photos of the model actually wearing our designs. Which is actually out promotion campaign! (which, I came up with! See, those business classes were worth it! LOL) Which will basically look like color polaroids, with the name of our business and our contact info on it, We will upload them, after we get hard copies for our campus!
   If you actually do have a tumblr, make sure you follow us, for coupons, and deals! We’re aware that in this economy, the money needs to stretch from month to month and even day to day, and we’re hoping to be able to help you with that goal. Also, We will have a newsletter, written by EMILY ^.^ , our English major about every month or so, which will have special coupons in it! So make sure that if you want to subscribe then you can just leave your email in the ask box, located in the profile of the page! See because I’m really into subscribing I have an email specifically for that.
   However, if you’re not as wierd as me, and don’t feel comfortable giving out your email address, to whomever may be reading the ask posts, you can just email us directly at alicehatter1891@gmail.com, and we will make sure to add you to the list. Also, coming up very soon, will be a commissions sheet. Basic information about your custom order piece that will be copied and answered by you in an email to us, or a question on this page, and when you email it to us, don’t hesitate to give us a call to explain it further or even attach a rough sketch to show us exactly what you mean. The sketches will be handled by our interactive design major CLAIRE *…* , She’s a tad stressed at the moment.
   All right, I think I’ve written enough for the day, don’t you think so?
spinarakly yours,


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