D.I.Y.: Nail Tutorial : Purple Dipped Yoshi Eggs

January 2, 2013

 Welcome to the new year Gang!
I thought I would start of the year right. With a little bit more free time then I'm used to I can use it for a whole slew of trial and error. Welcome to my newest project. If you are a nerd, or even a gamer I'm sure you've met Yoshi. Mario's Dino pal. Yoshi has eggs that are green with white dots all over them, they're the cutest things imaginable. So I thought, what if they got dipped in purple paint? And Voila! This Nail Tutorial was born and lucky for you guys its super EASY!


Finished Products!!!

Tools of the Trade

Base Coat

Second Coat

Step One: Paint Whole Nail Mint.

Step Two: Paint Whole Nail with Clear Coat.

Step Three: Paint Top half nail Purple.

Step Four: Paint Whole nail with Clear Coat.

Step Five: Paint Small squares of White polish in odd places.

Step Six: Paint Whole Nail with Clear Coat.


Send me the photos if you guys decide to try this, I can't wait to see the different takes on them. 

Thanks for Reading,
Mistress Out,


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