Series #3: Top Ten Power Women in Film

January 7, 2013

 When we watch television, there are more than a million choices. I love to watch shows where I can learn something new. I am absolutely addicted to dramas of any kind. Criminal Minds, Gossip Girl, Veronica Mars, and countless others. Now everyone's opinion of entertainment is bound to be completely different, and if my father had anything to say about it, he would adamantly complain to you about how everything that I watch is crap, and or how all of the "well kempt" men are gay doctors. *Long Story* So here are my top ten Choices for T.V. Power Women Characters.

1.) Cashmere Mafia: Juliette
     Juliette is the C.O.O. of a real estate firm, who buys small hotels and bed and breakfasts and expands them into a whole line of money makers. I admire her charm, I admire her drive and I admire how she tries to keep her business afloat, handle a whiny Sullen Teenager, and a cheating, no good, can't count husband. The Reason, She's number ten is I just can't handle the amount of effort she puts into trying to save her marriage. Why work so hard, for someone who obviously doesn't love you?

2.) Gossip Girl: Elanor Waldorf
     Elanor, Blair's mother, is a Top Designer, I love her sense of style. I love that she is demanding and she knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it. I love the way she is in control of Everything! She flies all over the world and doesn't forget a single thing. Except her daughter.

3.) The Devil Wears Prada: Miranda Priestly
    Yes, She was bitchy. But she's Miranda Priestly, She's Top of the top of the TOP! She needs to be on her game, I love that she's So cut throat. No I don't at all and in any shape or form condone what she  did with Emily, but you can definitely enjoy and respect her work ethic.

4.) The Devil Wears Prada: Andy Sachs
   I loved Andy, and I love the relationship between her and Adrien Grenier. Anne Hathaway has always been a favorite actress of mine, and I love how any character she plays always has such great charm and finesse. I love how she has the balls to stand up to Miranda a multitude of times during the entire movie.

5.) The Women's Murder Club: Claire
  Forensic Science and the Coroner Claire. is a Vital and in charge character, She is on top of her job, her cases, and her family and only has one breakdown. Plus she is a woman of color, makes her alright by me.

6.) The Avengers: Pepper Potts
   Tony Starks "girlfriend". Holds her own against Natasha, and I just personally love her. She stands up to Tony, when he's on his pissy fits, and helped/Created the energy effecient Stark Tower.

7.) Love and Other Disasters: Jacks
   She's a fashion editor for VOGUE! She stands up to the pissy french Photographer guy and then controls the shoot and it makes the magazine front page! She doesn't let her feelings control her, and she's comfortable with gay people. She's A-ok in my book.

8.) Doctor Who: Donna
  The only Doctor Who Companion who still doesn't know who the doctor is by the end. I love how aloof she is about everything. She's Just like what? Santa's Shooting up the store? Eh, as long as I don't get shot, she barely bats two eyelashes, when she finds out that her boyfriend/fiance, is in love with a half woman Half Spider hybrid. She's Pretty Freaking Cool.

9.) Black Books: Fran
 She gets turned down by stupid guys all the time, but she's in charge of her own store, selling ridiculous trinkets, and having to listen to the absolute lunacy that is Berneard and is still partially sane, She makes me feel like if she can deal with that and survive, that I should have no worries.

10.) Cashmere Mafia: Mia Mason
  Mia, played by Lucy Liu, is by Far (in my opinion) the strongest woman in the Cashmere mafia group. She has to compete for her position ( Publisher for a magazine group) with her fiance, she gets the position and her fiance bails. She has to deal with her over bearing mother constantly trying to set her up with some random stranger in hopes she'll get married, She has to worry about Clive going postal every 5 minutes, and the ex-fiance goes and gets a whole new girlfriend, (which was a serious downgrade in my opinion) and then the girlfriend does a whole bunch of jealous stupid stuff that she has to deal with on top of that.

As always, Thanks for Reading,
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