Cinema #20: Huntsman: Winter's War (Spoilers)

May 2, 2016

 I finally got the chance to see Winter's War! I've been wanting to see this movie since the very first teaser trailer was released! I was supposed to go with a huge group of friends however, all but one bailed. So it was pretty much just me, Alex and my Friend Lauren. Spoiler alert, Not only are there spoilers, but I flipping loved this movie! I automatically added it to my dvd list.

- So Ravena killed her Father? During a chess match...Why was she rubbing her foot against his leg. Gross. 

- Freya, the younger sister gets pregnant, and Ravenna says the lover won't accept her. He later kills the baby. I honestly was shocked that the lover did it, but Ravenna was probably pulling the strings.

- When I started watching all of the trailers, I seriously thought it was going to be a battle of good and evil. Freya vs. Ravenna, but neither of them are good. Freya murders, plunders and kidnaps children from neighboring towns. 

- Love is a sin her Freya's kingdom, she honors loyalty above all. 

- I never learned the name of the owl that follows the characters around.

- I love that Eric and Sarah, get together, and I love that Sarah proposes, that by putting on that necklace, She is marrying him. 

- The battle of the Huntsman versus Eric and Sarah, really gave a new meaning to fighting for your love. 

- Freya wants to free every child, but doesn't she know she is doing more harm than good? Tal never grew out of the ice marks, she left on his face. 

- The Mirror, caused others to commit suicide, is that what was happening with Snow White? Is that why she ordered the mirror to be buried in Sanctuary?  

- Can we talk about how beautiful Sanctuary was? All the grass covered animals, and the faeries... Like it was glorious. 

- The ice wall showed both Eric and Sarah two different images. How awful must that be? To be held captive by a queen that hates love for 7 years. Freya is no different than Ravenna. I was really upset, that she was so cruel. I was hoping it was going to be like the White and Red Queen of Alice in Wonderland. 

- One thing I never understood, was why didn't Freya understand that she was just giving other mother's the same grief she was experiencing. 

- There were so many different creatures in this movie. The Goblins with gold tipped bodies were pretty cool. I love that Sarah missed his heart, her way of telling him, that she still loved him. 

- Wonder what Freya will hear now that she has the mirror? Dude, her sister is liquid gold!!! She's been trapped in the mirror since her battle with Snow White. 

- She just let Ravenna come out of the mirror and take over. Ugh, did she forget whose kingdom this was? No love for Freya, Ravenna would kill everything and everyone to stay beautiful. She's like the embodiment of Self-esteem issues. 

- I love that the Huntsman stood up for each other. There seemed to be many huntsman that had feelings for each other.

- Ravenna's killing her sisters children, twice now.  That is so fucked up, so much for sisterly love. She literally stabbed her in the back. 

- Maybe Love truly does Conquer all.  All those children, free to go home to no one...

-I'm a little irked, that they kept Ravenna alive, I'm holding out hope, that Freya froze her wound, and will turn over a new leaf. 

I absolutely loved this movie, I would suggest it to anyone that enjoys a good fantasy. Have you seen The Huntsman: Winter's War? Lets talk about it on twitter! 

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