5 Reasons you should be watching: Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless

May 16, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I have to let you guys know that I love this anime so much. I logged on to Crunchyroll, looking for something interesting, because I hadn't been watching anything but Kindaichi and I needed something a little bit lighter and let me tell you when I say that Tanaka kun is the brightest ray of sunshine you'll find this summer. Here's 5 reasons you should give it a try.

 - It's the laziest slice of life I've ever seen, I mean that in the best way possible. Tanaka-kun personifies, everyone's desire. To relax and be as worry-less and lazy as possible. Tanaka-kun is a lazy high schooler, that wishes to be able to slide through life without being able to put any effort into it. In episode 3, he tell's Ohta-kun that he wishes he could live in a place that he can eat, sleep and use the restroom in one room. Ohta-kun automatically thinks a jail cell, and vehemently tells him crime isn't worth it.

- The character design is absolutely adorable. I'm particularly fond of Eechan and Mayano! Yay for Lesbian couples as well. I love that they act like its no big deal. Because Same sex relationships aren't really a big deal. I love Ohta kun as well. He's like the big brother of the entire cast. Keeping everyone out of trouble.

- It is chockful of comedy. If you're still sad from Your lie in April, this is the anime for you! From silly misunderstandings that carry on all episode, to hilarious situations that regular people wouldn't find themselves in, this has all the comedy you need.

- I love that its something super simple you can just dip into, without dedicating a large amount of time into. Its super simple to binge watch, and the episodes have two stories in each.

- My favorite part has to be that Ohta-kun carries Tanaka around, when he's too tired to move. The switch from real animation to Super deformed is pretty cute too. I took a liking to it immediately, I watched all 6 episodes in a row.

  You should watch Takana Kun is Always Listless if you enjoy a light-hearted story, full of adorably cute characters, episodes which makes you laugh. I am currently watching it on Crunchyroll, but I am uncertain if you can find it anywhere else.

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