4 Days of Alice: A lookbook

May 25, 2016

Hey Gang!

 So for the longest time, I've been talking about getting back into my fashion and personal style roots. It's a little difficult as it is usually just me working on my blog and most style bloggers have someone to follow them around and take photos of their outfits. However, I finally got up the gall to put together a kind of look book for you guys!
 Tomorrow, Alice Through the Looking Glass comes to theaters, and I thought what better way to celebrate it than to create four outfits that you could wear to the premeire? That would fulfill my personal style post quota and was pretty unique, because this is my first look book ever. So be gentle with me gang.
 I miss doing personal style posts, and plan on making them a regular feature, but I gotta be honest and say I was super ridiculously nervous, even though it was Alex taking my photos. Like I see him every day what did I have to be nervous about, I honestly still don't know. Hopefully, just like everything else about my blog it will just get better with time.
 I am so excited for Alice 2! As soon as I saw the first trailer, I knew I was going to go see it! I'm super stoked about being able to see it the first night its out. I haven't been able to do it in a while because I have been working so much lately.

Top: Hot Topic/ Shorts: Walmart/ Socks: Hot Topic
Top:/HotTopic Shorts: Hot Topic Socks: Hot Topic
Top: Hot Topic Skirt: Vanity Bra: Rue 21 Socks: Hot Topic
Top: Hot Topic/ Shorts: Walmart/ Socks: Hot Topic

It was so much fun having Alex take these photos. He doesn't know it yet, but he has definitely become my blog's photographer, Bwahahaha. Hopefully with his (volunteered) help there will be way more personal style posts. Make sure you visit my youtube channel, there are three new videos! 5 reasons to kill the Killing Joke, Story Time, and my thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon Japanese Trailer!

 Until Next Time,
 Stay Nerdy,

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