Cinema #21: Dragonball Z: Resurrection F ( Spoilers )

May 9, 2016

Hey Gang!

 Today, I thought it would be fun to watch some anime, because I seriously missed it. So I popped in Resurrection F and here are some of my thoughts. I am currently still looking for new episodes of Dragon Ball Super. My dad showed me episode one and I was hooked.

- Why is Freiza a cocoon? I've never even heard of Sorbet, does he have ice cream powers? Plus, c'mon; a power ring? I thought this was Dragon Ball Z, not Captain Planet.

- Gohan is so cute as an adult, especially in his glasses. My first anime crush.

- Of all the bad guys in the Dragon Ball Z Pantheon why Freiza? It literally started raining Freiza parts.

- "If you're too rich, your children turn out to be jerks, or they start running night Clubs?: They were too funny.

- Freiza can really hold a grudge...

- Jaco is hilarious, and is the same voice actor as Sgt. Frog, which made him EVEN funnier.

- I absolutely loved Krillin as a cop, and the relationship he has with 18 is adorable.

- Why is Lord Bearus, so adorable. He is literally the destroyer of worlds, and he's just like mmmm. What is this delicious substance again? Oh yes, Cheese. Like Why is he the cutest thing ever? He's like two separate sides of the spectrum.

- I don't remember Roshi being such a Badass.... His Muscles have muscles....

- Jaco really sucks at his job. The earth is definitely NOT Saiyan free. 2 full Saiyans, 3 half Saiyans and 1 Quarter Saiyan. He would be so fired...

- I know that I'm a full adult now, because as I watch movies with lots of explosions and damages, the only thing I can think of is, Jeez, Who is going to pay for all this....

  No offense, but the bad guy is Freiza, now it has been a super long time since I've seen the very beginning of the series, but I just don't remember Freiza being this huge bad guy. I mean I know he put up a pretty big fight for Goku and the others, but that was like ages ago... With Goku and Vegeta being able to go Super Saiyan God, like I don't understand why he is the main villain. I just didn't think of him as that scary, if anything I thought that the Destroyer/ Majin Buu were the scariest enemies of the series.
 I just didn't see Freiza formidable enough to warrant an entire movie dedicated to defeating him. Plus, once Goku and Vegeta got there, it was literally no contest, no competition. Maybe I'm the only one thinking like this, but honestly, I felt like the rest of the movie was better than the fight between Vegeta/Goku and Freiza literally everything else kept my attention.

Are you a fan of Dragonball Z? Did you think Freiza was a fair shake Villain? Lets talk about anime on Twitter!!

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