D.I.Y. Catwoman's Lace mask

July 19, 2012

I don’t know about you guys. But I love a woman who is confident. In her abilities, her looks and her smarts. I have been a fan of Catwoman since I was a super tiny comic book nerd, almost 12 years ago. I’ve devoured everything that had Catwoman on it, Adam Hughes, The un official and official biography, Comic books from the 40′s, the 60′s television program, even *ick* Halle Berry’s rendition.
Catwoman is my kind of woman. Sharp Claws, Classy Outfits and Costumes, and razor edge wit. Who wouldn’t want to be just like her? Well today you can! * Step right up in my game show announcer voice* Because I’m going to show you how to make your own Lace mask.

Here are the Supplies You will need:
-Measuring tape
-Ribbon Trim, (make sure it is wide enough for your face, you do not want the trim, you add to hems on dresses.)
-Black Ribbon
-Needle + Thread
Step one: Measure head, Cut appropriate lengths for face and ribbon I’m rough on my D.I.Y.’s So I used 4 pieces of ribbon all together 2 on each side.
Step two: Take the 2 pieces of ribbon and fold them over on each other on one side, Stitch like a mad woman, do that for both sides.
Step three: Fold the edges of the lace over on each other, Find the middle, Stitch the ribbon to each edge. Stitch like a mad woman. (It’s ok, if you can see the thread, your hair or whatever adornments will hide the stitches.
Step Four: The Folded pieces of lace? Stitch those straight down so they are flat!
Step Five: Try it on, make sure it fits properly, Dot Where your pupils lay on the mask.
Step 6: TAKE IT OFF~! Then Cut an Eye Shaped hole around the dot, If you need to draw a pattern and do it be my guest, you do NOT want to mess up the eyes. Once I got one to my liking, I simply folded it over and cut again.
Step 7: Wear to your hearts Content! Here is a college of the mask I created.

I hope you ladies Enjoyed this tutorial. If you decided to try it out, please by all means leave us a link, or send us a picture, we’d love to see them!


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