Handheld Mistress #8: Cheating: Marathon Gaming: Splatterhouse

July 21, 2012

 Hey Gamers! I know its been a while, and I know that I start almost every entry with this. So it might as well just be my greeting. *shrug* What can I say? I've been busy. I'll be moving into my apartment sometime in august, and I've been working non stop. Fortunately today was my off day and I got a little free time, So I decided to do some gaming. I planned on playing four games, but it didn't work so well, I had started about eleven and ended at 4:30 am, and hadn't gotten to the fourth game. I was so tired.

 The first game I played was Splatter House. I first introduced this game during Christmas I think. And I was kind of put off by all of the blood. I mean, I love games as much as the next person, but I'm still a girl. haha. So tonight, I thought I would break it out and play for a little while. I made it all the way to phase 2 and I even have some photos to show you guys!

I wanted to start where I left off at Christmas, but it had erased the data...T.T So I started from Scratch. The amount of bloodshed, didn't really bother me this time, and I felt more confident playing it. It actually made me nervous, how comfortable I am with violent games now, *shrug* I guess that's what happens when you hang out with guys and the only thing they wanna play are shooters. Anyway, I got really good at cutting and slicing the demons, and even discovered this technique of grabbing them and impaling them on the wall so it opens doors! Fancy huh?

Once you get a little further, you can come to this screen and select a different mask.

After Rick puts on the mask.

He's ready for some Grade A ass kicking.

Phase One Screen

Some carnage I created. 

Unfortunately I lost both of my arms during game play. Fortunately they grow back.

Was able to update my weapons, and attacks! Yay!

My death screen, I'd been playing for an hour and a half so I decided to give it a break at this point. 

Mistress Out,


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