A day trip to Mass. Ave Knit: A haul

July 5, 2012

 Hey guys! I'm back and now I'm here to share my haul. I have also been writing more and more over at Girl Geek Culture. I have also updated the YOUTUBE! I know you guys that it was dead, but not so! Without Further a do, the Haul!!

Shirts I got from the mall! 2 t-shits, tanktop, halter, strapless

What nerd would I be without this and the following shirt?

This is a v-neck, nuff said.

Strapless half-tie shirt! Only 4 bucks!

Green Halter only 4 bucks!

Button up tank w/lace $3.99

Pretty Yarn #1

Pretty yarn #2

Fresco I scored for 40% off!

Lei, Valentina and Fresco

Fresco: 40% Lei: 50% Valentina: 50%

mistress out,


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