Mad Progress Yo!

June 22, 2012

 Told you guys I would blogging more regularly didn't I? So I fully took advantage of the fact that the goddess of Labor gave me some good fortune this week. I have three days off this week. Today, Tomorrow and Monday. Today, I slept until noon, which was wonderful. I did some landscaping, Straightened up half of my room, did some laundry and got further on my half sweater.
 I don't know what it is but My room can't seem to stay clean for more than three or four days. It's like the goddess of cleanliness made me her own little punching bag or something. Still having trouble organizing everything the way I want it, and getting my business stuff organized is beyond a hassle at the moment, I have lots of new products but no picture, and my shop's been in vacation mode for more than a week. I'm a mess. But ignore all this and start at the awesomeness that is my Half sweater so far... I've made mad progress since the last pictures, another row and I'll be ready to decrease for the sleeve holes!!

Mistress out,


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