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August 31, 2015

Hi Gang!

  How are you guys doing today? I can't believe August is over!! The month zoomed by you guys!! I am so excited about all the things I have planned in September! I can't wait for you guys to see it! I've been doing photography sessions with some pals of mine. I hadn't been able to do photography for a couple of months, so It feels AMAZING to be able to get back to it. If you live in Cincinnati or Covington, definitely contact me if you're interested in getting photos done. I'd love to cut my teeth on a couple more unique Sessions. Cincinnati Comic Con and Cincinnati Comic Expo are both this month. Which I will be attending and blogging about, I can't wait to meet Adam West and Burt Ward, I can't wait to get a picture and interview with +Bri Alex from what the fangirl! I can't wait to meet Ming Doyle at CincyComicCon!

  I'm finally opening Nerdette At Large for Sponsoring. If you guys are interested in Sponsoring just take a visit to the Partner with Me Page! September is also #NationalSewingMonth. Surprisingly I have been drowning in inspiration lately. I actually made a skirt yesterday out of some strawberry printed fabric. It was my first skirt, and a month ago I made my first dress. So I will have plenty of Sewing projects lined up all month, Like a cami full skirt dress, for a friends wedding!

 I've also been keeping up with "one new video a week" on the youtube. So I'm pretty excited about making even more videos! I've even been thinking about doing some live streaming of my gaming, but I am not sure how to go about it yet, but it will be here soon!

Also don't forget about my shop! I have tons of Comics, that I don't read anymore. #1's that people have trouble finding. I also am interested in getting rid of one - three of Spider-Gwen. Also a #1 of Silk. So make sure you guys peruse your shop, sweetest day is coming up for those that have significant others that are geeky. There are even table top games in there if ya know, that floats your boat.

 I am also looking for more #femalegamers for Gamer Famelle! So definitely leave a comment below or email me if you're interested in being interviewed. I think it might be on my favorite features!

 Stay Nerdy,


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