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September 2, 2015

Hey Gang!

  I'm so excited to bring you Jessi today! Jessi runs Butterfly Samurai and a notoriously lively and popular Twitter  if you aren't following you really should! Today she's going to talk her favorite console, why she loves gaming and her gaming tattoo wishes. So without further ado, lets go get to know her!!

Playstation or Xbox and Why?

 Playstation. I am a hardcore (and very local) Playstation fangirl and enthusiast. I just love everything about Playstation- been a ride or die since I was in Elementary School. My parents bought me a N64 for Christmas and I asked them if I could have a Playstation One instead. They returned it, and the rest was history! I couldn't imagine not being so in love with Sony.

What do you like to see in your games? What about them makes that your favorite?

 Not exactly what I like to "see" but a good story is the best aspect of a game to me. Interactively going through an amazing and complex story really drives me to complete a game. This is why games such as Bioshock Infinite and The Order 1886 challenge me with their gameplay, but also intrigue me with their well crafted stories.

Do you have a gaming role model? If so, Who and Why?

 I have a couple that I am so happy to be able to call friends! I absolutely love Melonie Mac - a youtuber who is so genuine and built her channel with such integrity. I also really adore Kelly/Mrs Violence. She streams on Twitch and was previously on WCG Ultimate Gamer.  Also, I love the Frag Dolls. This team of women really pushed me to want to work in the gaming industry.

Name your Top 5 Favorite Games.

 Kingdom Hearts 2, Bioshock Infinite, Catherine, Pokemon Trading Card Game (on Gameboy Color!), and Dance Dance Revolution Extreme.

Are you a fan of Pokemon? If so, what are a couple of your favorites?

 Yes, I really love Pokemon! It has been on of the franchises that has stuck with me for a large majority of my life. My favorite game out of the series was definitely Pokemon Silver. My favorite pokemon are Sylveon and Jirachi. When I was younger, however, I was obsessed with Togepi.

What is one thing you enjoy and don't enjoy about being a female gamer?

 It may sound odd, but I love how unique it makes me - a unicorn. Although statistics say that female gamers outnumber males now. I still live in an area where there aren't many women that play video games. A girl playing video games is still so rare here that it certainly makes me stand apart from the ordinary. What I don't like is the misoginy that occurs in the industry. The comments that female gamers receive can be down right horrible. I've also been told before that I don't deserve to attend gaming, I have been gaming for 23 years! How can I NOT deserve it just because I'm a woman?

Do you get a lot of flack for being a female gamer? Have you ever had any harassment issues online?

 Yes. Just like I previously mentions. I've been told that I do not deserve to attend gaming events or game. It is ridiculous to be told like like I'm "fake" and only game for attention. I was five years old with a controller in my hands and I'm now 28 years old, still with controllers. I've also tried to play video games with certain men that critique every little move I make. I remember playing Portal 2 with an ex. I was solving nearly evertyhing but he still talked down to me about how I was playing. It was not innocent trash talk because it made me feel bad. There is room for everyone to play games. There are plenty of consoles to buy, games to play and controllers to hold. No one should be excluded because they're a woman. Or black. Or old.

If you were going to get a gaming tattoo, what would you get and what is it's significance to you?

 I would get a chibi playstation controller, Need I say more? I am obviously obsessed!

What are some up and coming games, that you're looking forward to?

 Yoshi's Wooly World! If it is anything like Kirby's Epic Yarn then that means it's going to be undeniably cute and fun! Further in the future, I am so hype for uncharted 4. It should be a great end to my favorite franchise.

What would be your dream game crossover? What's one Game Crossover that has been done that you thoroughly enjoy?

 Tomb Raider/Uncharted please! I would love for Lara and Nathan to traverse some tombs together. Super Smash brothers is my favorite crossover, it's amazing!

If you had the chance  to say one thing to your favorite game's creator/publisher what would it be and why?

 Dear Supergiant Games, Thank you so much for Bastion and Transistor. Bastion was my first forway into indie games and opened up an entire world to me. You're such an amazing company that I support wholeheartedly.

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