Cinema #11: Fantastic Four (Spoilers!!!!)

August 10, 2015

Hey Gang!
 Alex and I went to go see Fantastic Four Friday. I don't understand why there is so hate. Seriously, the movie was good. Sure, it had some plot holes, but so did Ultron and Tron Legacy they were like Swiss Cheese and people weren't running it through the mud like this. Now, Granted, I am not a fantastic Four fan, I don't know everything as an expert would, but I thoroughly enjoyed it for what it was. A reboot of an old title, that would brought more publicity to a title that a lot of people had forgotten about. So lets be honest ya'll, You hate it because they turned one of your white-boy favorites black and now you're in a tizzy about it. Get over it! The MOVIE IS GOOD! It doesn't deserve the Hate it's getting period.  Now onto my rant!

- Teachers like that is why Children have low science scores. Why is he such a douche about Reed's imagination?

- That Poor kid's project! That Plane looked a hot mess.

- The Baxter Foundation, Where they build teleportation devices, That's awesome!

- I really like Sue, and her gift for pattern recognization, When I was in school, music also helped me study and retain information for tests and just later in life, people should really keep that in mind, when they're trying to take away funding.

- They build teleportation devices, I don't understand why the "Baxter Council" isn't more open-minded. They are scientists for goodness sakes.

- I really liked Victor. I felt for him. I liked the way he thought. I rallied with him, until he tried to suck in the whole world ya know. But I was totally with him destroying the facility so they could never rebuild another machine.

- Who knew Doom was once human (I didn't!) or that he and Susan have a thing. I really wish they would have delved more into that. (Hopeless Romantic in me.)

- The failure of my generation are opportunities for yours.

- Johnny's Toyota needed some work, he should have gotten some lessons from those guys in Tokyo Drift!

- When Johnny called Victor Adolf, Rude much? I was kind of offended.

- Reed and Ben's Bromance/friendship is sooo cute!!!

- It's all explained guys! Dr. Storm (Black scientist) and his son, Johnny Storm (also black) adopted Sue. It all makes sense!~

- Victor's Jealousy could have been a dangerous thing, I wonder if that's why they aren't together now. His jealousy probably became possessive extremely quickly.

- Johnny's a master Welder, I like how they kind of hinted about their powers before they actually got them.

- I like the bonding moment that the guys had, sure It didn't have to include alcohol but what did you expect? I love that he called Ben to experience the world with him. I did NOT like that they went without Sue.

- The other "dimension/World" was so beautiful! It was kind of breathtaking.

- They never really explained what the Green Stuff Was, they said something about nerve impulse, but they didn't test it or anything.

- I was so pissed that they lost Victor. Why did Johnny keep pulling on the rope, even though Victor lost his grip he was still attached by the rope, they could have been pulled to safety, they kinda just sat there and watched Victor bite it.

- I had ALL the Feels for Ben, being stuck in the rocks. Like not only was he crushed under the rocks, but in the "infirmary" he was literally still stuck in rock debri, without the use of his legs. When Reed was crawling to help his friend and saw his legs stretched like that, I would have fainted too!

- I didn't like that Sue was visited by Dr. Storm first, it seemed very clear that there was favoritism involved.

- Are they really trying to make another trip there? Its obviously not for Victor. I'm So pissed why Storm would be ok with this idea.

- I hate that Reed just left them, I get that he was trying to build a single shuttle, but he shouldn't have left them.

- If I was Ben, I would have tied him into a pretzel, he can untie himself when they got back to base.

- I feel like Reed physical face change is brownface. but maybe that's just me, I did NOT LIKE IT AT ALL FOX!

- I was so happy when Harvey to die. He finally lost that smug look off his face. I hated that they just left Victor for Dead. They never really delved into what Victors Powers were. I knew they were Badass, but they never actually explained it.

- I was actually angry about Victor Killing Dr. Storm. He could have just moved him to the side. Also, Why did his body have to look like that? No one else looked like that, it seemed like a lot of hate was in that kill, even though seriously, it wasn't his fault!!!

- There is no Victor, There is only Doom.

- It has to Suck that Reed is unable to save them twice.

- That Fight Scene was eh. The film was only 1 hr 40 minutes, they could have spent that save 20 working on that fight scene.

- I'm sure there is some significance to Central City, but it hasn't hit me yet.

- The Human Torch and the Torchettes. I like it a lot!

- A lot of people are going to be like HEY! They stole that not saying anything part at the end from the Avengers, but technically if ya think about it, The Fantastic Four was first...So is it really stealing?

Alex brought up some interesting points, that I didn't know before, but over all, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I will be adding it to my Film collection and I give it a 4/5 easily. Don't let Media form your opinion of this movie, go see it for yourself! If you have seen it, lets talk about it on twitter! @Spokhette

 Stay Nerdy,


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