Handheld Mistress #36: Poppin' My Let's Play Cherry!

February 17, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I am so excited to be talking to you guys today, because this is my VERY FIRST LET'S PLAY video! I have wanted to stream games for a very very long time. I have been working on being able to stream games for quite some time. I love blogging about games for you guys, but streaming the games were a huge obstacle for me, because I had a playstation 3 and I didn't have a modded 3DS.

Now that I have a Ps4, with the built in ability to save screenshots, save video, stream live and stream from chosen platforms such as Twitch. If you didn't know, I'm on there as Spokhette, so make sure you subscribe/follow me so you don't miss out. I decided to play Akiba'strip and this game is amazingly fun! Slightly perverted, but who doesn't enjoy a little panty dropping from time to time?

You play as a male character you can name that teams up with a chick with lilac hair to battle synthisters who are basically man-made vampires that attack life energy from people on the street. The only way to defeat them, is to beat them up, destroy their clothes and leave them naked so the sun can do the rest. My favorite characters so far are Nana (protaganists' younger sister) who adorably has a thousand nicknames for him with the word bro in them, and Tohku who I'd love to cosplay at some point in my life.


Do you like Akiba Strip? Lets Play together! You can find my gamer tag in my about me page AND lets play together! Lets talk about it on twitter!
Stay Nerdy Gang!
Until Next Time,


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