Nerdette Minute #14: Pokemon Week: 10 moments of Pokemon

February 22, 2016

 Hey Gang!
 Welcome to Pokemon Week! If you don't follow me on Youtube, it is an series of video content that will lead up to the 20th year anniversary of Pokemon! If you are a fan like I am, I hope you'll thoroughly enjoy the content for the following weeks! If you subscribe to my youtube channel you will have first access to the videos!!  SO make sure you do so you don't miss out. 
There will be youtube videos every day:
Tuesday: Great Detective Pikachu
Wednesday: My Thoughts on: Hoopa: Clash of Ages
Thursday: Why I love Pokemon: 20th anniversary
Friday: My Favorite Pokemon
Here are my favorite 10 moments of Pokemon!

10. Being pratically front row to see Pokemon Live!
09. Falling in love with Pokemon: Puzzle Challenge for the Gameboy Color. 
08. My first favorite Pokemon Movie: THe 3rd. 
07. The entrance of the first playable Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon Crystal)
06. Discovering My favorite set of villains : Annie + Oakley (Pokemon Heroes)
05. Ugly crying over Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. 
04. Discovering that I hate Shaymin ( Giratina + the Sky Warrior)
03. Realizing that Victini is my Pokemon Incarnate.
02. Being able to create a character that looks like me in Pokemon XY. The ability to choose skin color. 
01. Being able to sneak up on Pokemon ( Omega Ruby + Alpha Sapphire)
What are some of your favorite events on Pokemon's 20 year timeline? Tell me below or on twitter! 
Stay Nerdy!
Until Next Time,


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