Nerdette Minute #16: Pokemon Week: Why I love Pokemon + My Favorites

February 26, 2016

Hey Gang!

 I'm so sad, you guys, its the last day of Pokemon Week! Why I love Pokemon was released Yesterday on the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. I can't believe there have been 20 years of Pokemon, it doesn't feel like its been that long. Today, my favorite Pokemon video is uploaded. I planned this week out to be a huge homage/thank you to Pokemon for being in my life, but I highly doubt, it will be the last time its mentioned on the blog. So don't be sad, Pokemon will re-appear in Nerdette At Large's Content pool again!

ALERT: This Morning, Nintendo Confirmed that there will be two new Pokemon Games released this year. Pokemon Moon and Sun! Digital versions of Pokemon: Red, Blue and Yellow will be available in the E-shop. However, Pokemon do NOT transfer, I repeat, They do NOT transfer, in order to put them in oras, XY, or SUNMOON, you will need to first put your pokemon in Pokemon Bank and then transfer them over. Also for those who read my blog through a translated lens, The new games will be available in 9 languages, including Traditional and simplified Chinese, and both games will be released worldwide on the same date. So YAY!!! If you would like to watch the Direct Stream it can be found here.

Thanks so much for sticking with me for the whole week, and I look forward to awesome content to share with you guys on Monday!

If you feel like you still need more pokemon, lets move the convo to my twitter! I'd love to talk about #pokemon with you guys!

See ya Then,

Stay Nerdy



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