There's no future in my frontin' (all the single ladies)

March 3, 2010

  So...Spring Formal is coming up soon! I'm soo excited! Although, when they say formal, it doesn't really mean formal apparently. So to me, formal is when you dress up seriously dress up like the dresses I'm choosing between.

  Aren't they adorable?! But apparently students think of formal as this...

They're really really cute, I would wear them to such an event as homecoming. But not formal...Am i old fashioned because I think this way? I kinda wanna wear like ultimate formal, just because its called the freaking spring formal ya know??  Maybe that's just me though, it makes me feel sad that I seem to be so out of tune with everyone else...The talent show was fine, but I didn't win! It was a lot better than I thought it would be. The acts were awesome! 1st place were two irish dancers, that were actually good, 2nd place was a rap performance, and even though half of it was forgotten it was still good, and 3rd place was a stand up comedy act. The comedy was great but he was SO nervous, that since I was next, he made ME nervous!  But I was proud of my performance, the only thing I would have changed was singing louder and actually looking at the audience, because my none of my family could make it, so I was soo nervous and I was looking at this guy's backpack like the whole time...


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