Snippet of the college life: Consistency + Danger

January 19, 2012

 I really want my readership and blog to grow this year...I've been researching, and one of the biggest tips "popular bloggers" have is to stay consistent. Elsie at Beautiful mess? She's been blogging since 2007! Kaylah at Little Chief Honeybee has been blogging since 2009. All of my favorite bloggers to read have been in the "game" for a decent minute...But they have stayed more or less along the same path.
  Just because I want to become a "better" blogger doesn't mean I want to be just like them, but I would like to see a little more interest shown in me and my work...Sigh..I guess changing my handle doesn't really fix that now does it??

OK! It's Been Decided! The Blog url will Stay The shop will stay Once I get a break from classes, I'll work on branding, and buttons and all that fun jazz...

Speaking of school! I moved in on Monday, Look what  I did to myself!

Yell at the picture below for me! He's The culprit (the shelf holding the iphone...not the iphone)




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