10 things Not to do: Planning a house party

March 4, 2013

  Saturday was my halloween Party. It was super small, and I invited close friends because it was held at the watchtower and I wanted people there that I loved spending time with and could trust with my belongings. This was the first time I planned a party Solely by myself. I had a lot of fun and made a lot of mistakes.

 - Do NOT wait until the last minute to buy candy and snacks: I baked for this event. I finished about 2:15 am on Friday Night. Make it easy on yourself and plan in advance, believe me it may be a bit of a hassle, but you'll thank yourself for it later.

- Do NOT spread the word: Actually send out paper or email invitations, the last things you need are uninvited guests showing up, or your invited guests ending up in the wrong place or on the wrong day. If necessary send two rounds of invitations. One by Email or word of mouth and then one by paper or email.

- Do NOT hesitate to ask for help: Especially if it is your very first party. There is NO such thing as too many hands in the pot when it comes to party Planning. With help, you won't arrive at your own party late, or even worse, guest won't be arriving with no food.

- Do NOT leave Cleaning the location for the event until the last minute:  I actually live in the watchtower, so it's going to get messy, especially since I work two jobs, and I have very Very little free time, Start about a week ahead of time, and just go room to room, by the time the party arrives your apartment will be spick and span.

- Do NOT hesitate to create an invite list: It's your party, you can invite anyone you damn well please. If you have iffy feelings about a certain someone, then DON'T invite them, believe me, if you give in, the whole night you will regret it. Just be firm and give them a nice clear no, or even better: The party is invite only.

- Do NOT Spend too much money: When planning the party make sure that you have a clean and clear cut Budget in mind. You do not want to wind up spending your rent money trying to get this party together. Believe me, having a place to stay is way more important! If you do have "party helpers" then make sure they know what the budget is.

- Do NOT hesitate to ask your guests: Make sure when you are taking care of food, or actually making it, that you ask your guests if they have any allergies! The only thing that ruins a party faster than a destructive drunk would be a trip to the hospital room, just make sure you text everyone in your list, or put the question down in your paper invitations. That way when they RSVP, you know exactly what they can or can not eat.

- Do NOT Allow them free Reign: This is YOUR house, and I am certain you have seen all the stereotypical teen movies!! If you don't want that to happen, just let them know that certain rooms are off limits. or even better, lock the doors, I didn't have an issue with that, because the watchtower, is pretty small, The only room I didn't want them using was the bedroom, so I closed the door. Don't feel guilty! It's YOUR HOUSE, MY WATCHTOWER, you have the right to keep your possessions safe, or out of reach...

-  Do NOT hesitate to PRE-BUS: As a waitress, pre-bussing is important, you grab any unused item on the customers table, before they leave. It makes it incredibly easy to clean the table later when they leave, because you've gotten all of the dishes, and hopefully cups, so the only thing that's left is trash, which you can just *swoop* into the trashcan! Apply this to the aspect of cleaning in regards to your party, if you go around and grab every empty cup, discarded wrapper, imagine how clean it will be when everyone leaves?!

- FINALLY DO NOT forget to have FUN!: ITS YOUR PARTY! Enjoy it, I'm sure you went through a whole slew of things to get it ready and to get people there, so don't forget to have fun as well! Take lots of pictures, and actually talk to your guests, because more than likely they are your friends, and you wanna know whats going on with them, plus if your friends are anything like mine, I KNOW there will be ridiculously fantastic shenanigans going on and you should be loose enough to enjoy them!!

Have fun planning your house party!
Mistress OUT,


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